CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Lilac Blossom (part deux)

Product: candle and bulbs
Area used in:  bedroom but switched to living room
Time Period: March - Mid April

Description: Delightful lily of the valley blossoms and violets surround lush lilac in this springtime fragrance

So my bf and I got LB last year as we both loved the scent and it was a hot mess! It tunneled thro like crazy and it was practically unscented. Needless to say I didn't have high hopes for it when it appeared this year. I decided to go ahead and buy one as my bf really liked the smell of it. We had it burning in the bedroom while we had Spring in the living room. After took Spring back to the store for an exchange, I brought LB into the living room and bought more wf bulbs. We were both happy with it until recently when it decided to become a dud! It was a DID - dud in disguise!

So in the very beginning it burned like a champ. Thick mushroom tops, tall dancing flames, deep even wax pool - the works! The wax did get a little cruddy as does most white wax candles but it was no big deal. Well all of that goodness didn't last for very long. Things went downhill past mid-range - it started dudding out; the wicks were getting stubbier, the flames were drowning, and the wax was canyoning. The only thing that stayed consistent was the throw...which is what surprised and pleased me the most. It actually had one, period! It wasn't super strong by any means but it was still really pleasant - guest friendly if you will.

The scent is pretty much straightforward - it smells like straightup lilac plain and simple (lilac is without a doubt one of my all time favorite floral scents) Lilac is a fresh, clean and sweet scent which is why is used so many in home cleaning/freshening products. Anyhoo, the lilac note is very authentic. And there's a slight hint of lily which gives the scent an added freshness, dewiness and sweetness. Violet..hmmm, I dunno about that. The blend as a whole is not nearly as offensive and in your face as most floral scents tend to be and it shouldn't set off your sinuses. The blend as a whole is very pleasant and calming. The wf bulbs are pretty strong although they kinda smell like detergent or Febreeze. Still smells nice though.

I think LB is a nice springtime candle to have in one's collection. It's fresh and sweet and relaxing - a nice candle to burn a nice spring afternoon or on the weekends. And it's perfect to have around Easter. However buy  this year's version at your own risk - it may be a DID!

Also BBW, here's a suggestion that I'd like to throw out there - next year can the wax for LB be...oh I dunno..lilac colored instead of white?


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