WALK 'N' SNIFF: White Barn Fall Exclusives Part Deux

So my bf's parents are in town and one of the places that we went was GSP...and you know I had to bring them to WB. This go-round the store had all the scents that it didnt have the last time I was there

Golden Cinnamon - well this one isn't an exclusive anymore as it has appeared online already. For whatever reason the last time I was at WB, they had this hidden in the drawers. Anyhoo this one is a little strange as different people have been smelling different things. Some swear that they smell a little hint of Cider Lane while others get more French toast or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I got..wait for it...Summer friggin Bonfire! Now I totally got the cinnamon - its borderline red hot spicy but still sugary; think Cinnamon and Clove Buds mixed with Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts. However underneath all that cinnamoniness I kept getting Summer Bonfire. I even smelled different ones just to make sure but nope, I kept getting the same thing. It is possible there may be different batches of this one. And speaking of batches...

Red Radiant Maple - as y'all may or may not know, there were two different batches of this one - one smelled exactly like the notes (Marshmallow Fireside with apple) and the other smelled terrible. Now the RRM I smelled was altogether different and didn't smell like either of those so was there a 3rd batch? I'm not sure. I was talking with my IG buddy @whitebarncandlefan and he smelled the various versions of RRM and told me what he thought this new one smelled like and I absolutely agree - it smells like Home ~Sweet Caramel Comfort aka watered down Caramel Apple. I didn't get apple or woods or marshmallow just pear and caramel. I don't really get what this scent is supposed to be or what it is trying to convey; what does apple and marshmallow or rather caramel and pear have to do with maple trees?! This should not have gone wide!

*so I recently went back to WB and the store seemed to have brought back the original batches. Some of them of them maple syrupy and chemically and burnt and wrong and some smelled like a surprisingly yummy mix of apple/pear and marshmallow

Apple Picking - I initially assumed that this was a candle version of one of my favorite fall soaps Weekend Apple Picking..which why the HELL isn't this soap back this year?! I'm not sure if this assumption is true but it does smell similar to the soap in the sense that they both smell very candy-ish. AP smells almost exactly like sour apple Now&Laters or Laffy Taffy. It has that same Sour Apple Pucker aspect that all of the other green apple scents have. It also has a fake chemical green apple scented shampoo/conditioner vibe that last fall's Green Apple Orchard had, but this one smells much better. I daresay that to me this is best smelling of all of the green apple scents however that said that doesn't make that is any good or exciting. It's just very very blah!

Porchside Pumpkin - omg...O..M..G! Holy f***balls!!! Finally something this fall that gave me a nosegasm! Now as you know my WB didn't have this originally so I bought it on Evilbay and I dont regret it cuz it's that damn good! Luckily my store has em now cuz I will be stocking up. I am in LOVE with this scent...and it's a pumpkin scent of all things! It's a pumpkin scent that's not bakery *cue the basic bitches of America's heads exploding. And it's cologney *cue everybody elses' heads exploding. To quote my gurl on IG @_fromvictoria "it smells like a sexy guy in a pumpkin patch" You do get a deep earthy yet sweet pumpkin note a la Pumpkin Carving with possibly some brown sugar, nutmeg and ginger. There is also some aromatic woods that give it that manly cologney vibe - mahogany or oak, definitely either sandalwood and/or cedarwood. There is also the slightest hint of floral in the background but I don't know what that floral is. Shawn aka Hearthandsoul theorized that that floralness might be chrysanthemums... makes to me. To me this smells like a high end cologne I would wear in the fall. It is also smells ever so slighyly craft store/Michael's ish, like a fancy pumpkiny fall potpourri. PP is like Autumn Day's twin brother, like a warmer spicier version of it. This in my most humble opinion is the best new fall scent to come out this season but alas because it's not a basic mainstream cupcake scent or latte or cookie or pie, I could see a lot of people not liking this thus staying an exclusive but honestly I think this a nice compromise between sweet and outdoorsy. If you live near a WB, definitely give this a sniff cuz it's pretty amazing!


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