CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: Leaves ~ Fall in a jar

Ah Leaves... Wonderful, beautiful, marvelous Leaves!

Leaves have certainly stood the test of time. It's been around for many years and have had many different looks. And in a time where many Slatkin era scents are quickly disappearing and falling out of stock, Leaves continues to be perpetual fan favorite.

Despite it being around for quite some time, I didn't discover the wonder and grandeur of Leaves until 2012. My partner had a 2011 version (the 4th one in the picture) and a surplus of bulbs hidden away and I found them while cleaning. All it took was one sniff and I was instantly smitten - FALLGASM. Since then, it has become an absolutely must have every single blessed fall. I usually have Leaves out from September thru October; sometimes I'll start burning and plugging directly on Autumnal equinox or, like this year, the butt end of August/beginning of September. It is the one candle I can't help anticipating to burn cuz once it's lit, fall can officially begin. In my opinion, Leaves IS fall PERIOD!

Now believe it, there are some people out there who don't share the ardent love and appreciation for Leaves. I daresay there are actually some individuals who consider Leaves sub par and are of the opinion that there are better suited scents for Leave's fated more outdoorsy and rustic rival, Autumn.

*I had a funny thought while writing this. Leaves is the basic bitch in long sweaters, leggings and Uggs Instagramming her upteenth Pumpkin Spice Latte of the day and Autumn is her hipster lumbersexual brother in his plaid shirt, skinny jeans and Doc Martens downing a bottle of Angry Orchard on his way to buy organic moustache and beard oil.*

I've heard this statement\argument dozens of times from reviewers... "...Leaves and Autumn should switch names cuz Autumn smells more like leaves and Leaves smells more like autumntime..."

No bitches...just no!!!

Autumn is supposed to capture the outdoorsiness of fall, like a brisk walk thru an orchard. That's why it has the fruit notes as well as well as woodsy notes and why it's so fresh and crisp.

Now granted, Leaves doesn't smell like's not supposed to! (And who in their right mind would want a candle that smells like wet moldy dead leaves anyway) Now this is just a theory but I believe the reason the Great and Powerful Slatkin named his scent Leaves is because he wanted to capture the look of leaves in fall. In other words, he picked notes that matched the colors of fall foliage...

RED apples
CRIMSON berries
GOLDEN nectar
TAN cider
ORANGE mandarin
BROWN cinnamon

All of the notes are colors of fall foliage - LEAVES!!!

Again this is only a theory but I wouldn't put it past the genius of Slatkin to go that route with this scent

That said, stop saying the two scents should switch cuz they shouldn't!

Oh Leaves, I will continue to defend your honor from the naysayers and basic haters. I eternally pledge my love to thee!


  1. Basic bitch comparison had me rolling!! Interesting take on the color of fall foliage for the reason of the name. People say this smells like a craft store and I get that but to me it smells more like the Craker Barrel gift store in fall.

    1. Its funny, for years I never understood how/why people described Leaves as a craft store scent until very recently, I kinda get it

  2. For me leaves is Christmas in a jar. It smells exactly like the Christmas markets I went to in Europe a few years ago. As I LOVE Christmas I will burn Leaves year round.

    1. Really?! Thats interesting, Ive never heard of anyone burning Leaves for Christmas or year round. Thats cool though

  3. Happy to find this blog! I am "Forever Slatkin Leaves." Imitated, but never duplicated. That it is no longer available (except for exorbitant prices for old jars on eBay or Amazon) has caused me to consider buying candles with all the ingredient scents and/or oils and blend them myself. It is the only scent we can have in our office of 20 chicks and not offend a single person. I too can light it year round, though it doesn't stir my passion until late summer and through winter. I have stooped to beg Mr. S via FB and Twitter to bring it back. Also QVC--since I had already stooped. (They respond dutifully and tell me they have no control over the product but will pass along my request.) Anyway, it is cathartic to connect with others of like passion.


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