NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Thanksgiving candles (and what Id replace em with)

So the Thanksgiving candles  are (or should be) already in stores...yyyeeahhh. Is it just me or does this collection seem random as hell?! Just random scents haphazardly thrown together with very little thought or reason. I thought about this collection and came up with replacement scents that just makes more sense.

Cheers - So as you know this is Wine Cellar\Smoked Berries & Incense. This isn't that great of a scent and doesn't smell like wine, mulled or otherwise, at all
REPLACEMENT: Spiced Pumpkin Cider - this was a new and popular scent last fall so it boggles my mind that it wasn't brought back this fall (or any cider scent for that matter). SPC just makes sense; cider is an autumnal beverage and the pumpkin and mulling spices makes it very Thanksgiving-y. Mulled wine to me is more of a winter beverage and as for the candle, it smells more like mulled perfume than mulled wine

Or : Pumpkin Caramel Latte - seeing as though this oddly this didn't see the light of day this year (despite being a fall staple for the past 6 years) due to "production issue", you would think it would be nice for it to finally be available for it fans. PCL again makes more sense than Wine Cellar

Home - I am not a fan of  Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake aka Brown Butter Praline. I bought it and gushed about it but the more I sniffed it, the more I started to dislike it. I havent burned it and I plan on returning and exchanging it. Anyhoo, to me PSC doesn't conjure warm cozy memories of home; its not a comforting and cozy scent at all
REPLACEMENT: Home ~ Sweet Caramel Comfort - HELLO the name says it all. I know BBW chose PSC because of the " pumpkin" aspect thus it has a "Thanksgivingy" vibe. However the original Home aka Caramel Apple is far more warm and cozy and comforting and inviting. It has that "wrapped in a warm blanket" appeal that PSC simply doesn't have.

Feast - generic..generic...GENERIC! I am sick to damn death of straight up caramel scents. No substance, just mass appeal for the sake of being mass appeal. And who eats brittle on Thanksgiving?!

REPLACEMENT: Pumpkin Pie - Come on, it is simply not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie!

Gather - this made me facepalm a hole in my skull! I mean wtf?! What made BBW think that this was a good idea?!!

REPLACEMENT: Harvest Gathering - this makes waaayyyy more sense! It was a stupid idea to put HG in the Cork & Vine collection ; it should've been in one of the real fall collections

OR: Butternut Squash - y'know, pumpkin or gourds
OR: Toffee Glazed Popcorn - if you guys at BBW are deadset on the Indian maize label, at least TGP is popCORN!!!

Harvest, Thankful and Welcome can stay

And now the bougie chunky leaves 12oz'ers. Personally if I had a say in the marketing, I wouldve done away with these except for Cranberry Woods and placed that with the regular Thanksgiving candles..which makes sense as there is a Cranberry Woods wallflower as "Harvest". But if BBW insisted on keeping these.....

Pecan Pumpkin Waffles - I am not a fan of this scent at all and personally I dont think it fits; Leaves, SCP and CW are all conceptual scents as opposed to a foodie/bakery scent. I feel like PPW was added strictly for mass appeal
REPLACEMENT: Nutmeg and Spice - Im shocked that this has disappeared cuz it was a very popular scent. I wasn't particularly very fond of it however it appreciated the fact that it was sweet without being cloying and despite what notes suggested, it was a very sophisticated...way more than PPW.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin....  no comment
REPLACEMENT: Heirloom Pumpkin/Pumpkin Carving - everyone knows that HP/PC is the supwrior pumpkin scent; for the life of me, I continue to not understand why BBW insists on constantly throwing Shit Cinnamon Poopkin in our faces!

Leaves and Cranberry Woods can stay


  1. I really like your replacement options! Very good call on those!
    What the hell is Cheers? It's the grossest thing I've smelled yet, by B&BW's. It's straight up perfume in a candle! I'm floored to see people comment on Instagram about how they like it. Am I missing something here?
    The overused Marshmallow Fireside has got to be laid to rest. It's become a 4 season candle with them, & frankly, it's never been the same since the Slatkin days.
    I'm tired of poor performing wicks as my candles burn down too! Harry Slatkin has got to be laughing his a** off! It's been nothing but downhill (in my humble opinion) since he left! They're using cheaper, quick burning wax, cheap wicks, & overused fragrances that require no creativity anymore.
    I'm starting to wonder if some of the fragrances that Slatkin created either CAN'T be brought back, or they just refuse to bring back. Either way, it sucks.
    As always, love your blog:)

    1. Cheers is Wine Cellar. I dont understand peoples' obsession with that one.

      And I am absolutely sick to damn death of Marshmallow Fireside

      You may be right about Slatkin scents; its very odd that some scents are brought back, some scents are recycled over and over and some are never brought back. I wonder what the requirements are for scents tobe brought back or not

    2. I've been increasingly disappointed with Bath and Body Work's seasonal stuff lately. My Wallflower staple fluctuates between Lilac Blossom in the spring and nearly exclusively Warm Vanilla Sugar or Kitchen Spice the rest of the year, with the exception of Fresh Balsam around Christmas.

      The last seasonal scent I fell in love with was Bow Ties and Bourbon. I wish I had seen it earlier and bought the candle or more wallflowers. As a guy, it was absolutely perfect because I'm completely over Mahogany Teakwood (aka Abercrombie Fierce).

      Lately, the rebadging of scents is starting to get to me. I bought Warm Vanilla Creme hand soap - it's just Vanilla Bean Noel. However, I bought Heirloom Pumpkin and Thankful as a candle and couldn't be happier.

      One, because Heirloom Pumpkin is the only pumpkin scent I can actually stand - they've gone overboard with pumpkin and need to figure something else out. It's too much.

      Two, while I disagree with Thankful being a Thanksgiving scent (sorry, Chestnut and Clove is a Christmas/winter scent), I'm just grateful to be able to buy Chestnut and Clove again, even if it's repackaged. It was the last newer Christmas scent that I fell in love with - it's so good.

      This year has been weird - their 'fall' scents are borderline Christmas and their Christmas scents are...confused. Got a heck of a deal online though - they had the Buy 1 Get 1 Free 3-wicks and I had a coupon for 20% off and free shipping and it let me buy some web-only exclusives (including the amazing Black Chamomile Aromatherapy).

    3. I agree with allllllll of this!

      I am officially over all of the weird stuff BBW has been doing lately, particular this call and winter

      Ive been anti-pumpkin for years but Ivegrown to really like Heirloom Pumpkin/Pumpkin Carving

      And I LOVE Bowties and Bourbon, it so good and soooooooo much better than Mahogany Teakwood which I am very sick of seeing so much

      And I agree about Chestnut and Clove, it definitely not a Thanksgiving scent at all, I dunno what they were thinking but yeah, Im very glad that its back


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