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Products: candle & bulbs
Area used in: living room,
Time Period: mid-September - November

Description: Celebrate the brilliant colors of autumn with this rich blend of golden nectar, red apple and spiced berries

OH Leaves, how do I love thee...let me count the ways!!!

Leaves, without a doubt, is one of my favorite scents of all time; second only to Black Pepper Bergamot! One of the many highlights of fall is finally getting to burn this candle. Leaves was a part of my fall haul back at the end of August and I've been waiting patiently for the equinox for fall to officially start so I could light this bad boy!

My bf LOVES Leaves as well and has been his staple scent for fall for awhile. It was him that got me hooked on it. He had several leftover Leaves wallflower bulbs and one candle hidden away that I was love at first sniff!

Real talk...Leaves IS Fall, period..end of story. It is autumn time in a jar! Now some people prefer Autumn over Leaves as their quintessential fall scent...and I get it. Autumn is very fresh and outdoorsy and very, for lack of a better word, autumn-y. However, Leaves has that certain uumpph and je ne sais quoi that in my humble opinion Autumn just doesn't have. It has all the ingredients of fall - apple/cider, spice, nectar and berries; it really doesn't get any better than that! After sniffing it, you really do get the feeling of being in a park with leaves fluttering in the autumn breeze and you're walking down a path strewn with fallen foliage covered with dew and you can hear them crunch under your feet. It's simply fall-tastic!!

Leaves is pretty darn strong. As soon as you open the lid..POW, right in your face! The throw is pretty strong but it's a nice strong; you feel wrapped in it like blanket. The fragrance filled my living room within a few minutes and I just laid back and let it totally envelop me. Performance-wise, Leaves is FABULOUS, A+ all the way. The candle sports thin ropey wax covered wicks which burn like a charm. The flames dance very high and the wax pool is consistently deep and even. It's so lovely at night; light this up, pour yourself a cup of tea or, even better, a hot apple toddy (on the equinox, I made an iced apple toddy cuz it's still quite hot outside), put on some comfy pajamas or grab your fav blanket, put on a movie or grab a book and enjoy a perfect fall evening!

Like I said earlier, Leaves has all the ingredients of the perfect fall scent. With that said, you would think this would smell very potpourri-ish/Michael'scraft store smelling but it really doesn't, it's more sophisticated. And maybe my nose is playing tricks on me, but this year's version smells a little different; the fruity notes smell more juicy and vibrant. Anyhoo, there's something in this blend for everyone's taste; fruity sweetness, fragrant spice and fresh outdoorsiness. The dominant note is definitely apple, a very fresh, crisp and juicy red apple with a faint dark berry (blackberry?) note trailing behind it. I read online that mandarin is also in the blend. There is a faint but sharp brightness that you can't get from just apples and berries so maybe there is mandarin is in it..I dunno. The spice note is the last thing that hits your nose; it's a spicy cinnamon/cinnamon bark note similar to Cinnamon and Clove Bud but not nearly as red hot and potent. Please don't let that turn you off cuz the cinnamon note is honestly very pleasant. Once again, maybe my nose is playing tricks on me but I swear I smell a little cardamom. And (this gonna sound funky) but there's a damp musty smell to Leaves..I'm guessin it's from the nectar which has a "nature" smell to it. This is what gives it that "strewn leaves wet with dew or fall rain" vibe to it.

My bf and I had a gang of bulbs left, so we didn't have to buy any during the fall haul. I really love the bulbs; I think they smell more fresh than the candles. And they are pretty strong and don't really fade or grow stale like most bulbs. My bf also has a very old Leaves room spray and that sucker is powerful. Needless to say, our apartment is full of Leaves goodness!

For some reason, BBW once again has released two versions of Leaves and I don't know why. Most people usually go with the brown version cuz the throw is usually stronger and the brown wax just looks prettier. Last year's brown version had a funky burn; I'm glad to say that this year it burns like a dream. I  say leave the White Barn version right there on the shelf where it belongs.

I could go on and on about Leaves; I don't have to tell y'all how amazing and fabulous it is for most of you reading this blog already know. For those of who have never had Leaves before, get it..NOW! It just isn't fall without it!


  1. It's always been sort of baffling why B&BW releases 2 versions of the same damn scent, LOL! I usually go with the colored wax just because of discoloration, too, but as long as it throws well, who cares what it looks like!?! Leaves is such a brilliant scent. Also, I agree about the "damp" smell that leaves has, but it's not necessarily bad. Great review, as always! :)

  2. Im sure there's a method to their madness. Meanwhile I've learned not question the kooky thing they do

    Yeah im more about the scent than they look although im still not a fan of cruddy lookin wax so unless its a scent that i love, i stay clear of white waxes

    Im glad you agree. Very few people reference the "dampness" of leaves. Leaves is just a-friggin-mazing!

    Thank you so much! Do continue to keep checkin out my lil blog :D

  3. For the past few weeks, I had been torn between Autumn and Leaves. Autumn was more appealing to me on cold sniff and so, I decided to go with Autumn. I really like the smell. The candle performance on the other hand...that is a story for a different day. I decided to get two wallflowers too.

    Being the last day of SAS, I decided to go for Leaves. I has been on my mind for a few days, and I knew if I didnt get it, I would still be thinking about it.

    I am burning it right now and WOW! I love the smell! The candle is performing perfectly and the throw is BAM. I love the apple and berries and spicy smells all together. Perfection...I also picked up the last wallflower my store had. Leaves does have a dampness to it, like when you are raking leaves a few days after it has rained. Glad I decided to go out on a limb for this one.

  4. Leaves is AMAZE-BALLS!!! You can't go with Leaves! Personally I don't think Autumn compares to Leaves...and I don't like the candle however the bulbs are fabulous. Anyhoo, I'm glad you found yourself a candle and on sale! Next fall stock up on some more candles and try the bulbs as well. Oh and try the Autumn bulbs too!

  5. Yankee Candles "Autumn Leaves" is far superior, IMHO. (I arrived here from a hyperlink you had on your current Fall 2015 article.)

    1. I will admit Autumn Leaves is pretty damn good! And Yankee's fall and winter has far variety than BBW ever will. But I just cant make myself buy any. One of these days I may branch out


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