Products: candle & room spray
Area used in: living room, bedroom, main bathroom
Time Period: September -

Description: Cuddle up with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of sweater weather

As everyone knows, this was an infamous and popular test scent last year. Everybody went nuts over this candle; you were instantly one of the cool kids if you were able to score one of these rare bad boys. I never got around to trying to get one of these last year which is why I was beside myself with joy when BBW decided to release this candle wide this year. Once again, everybody was hyping this candle up this year so I had to get my hands on it.

Now, I'll admit at first sniff....I didn't like it! I smelled the candle, then I smelled the lid and I thought to myself "UUUMM, what's all the hype about?!" At first sniff, the cold throw reminded me of Comet or Ajax bathroom cleaner. Then I smelled again and I was starting to dig it. Some time later, I decided to burn was love at first light!!!

First off, the label is sooo cute. Soooo much better than last years'...


Now let's get to the real....

The burn on this bad boy is FABULOUS!!! Absolute PERFECTION!!! This candle burned like a BBW candle should burn! The flames were dancin all kinds of high! The wax always melted consistently and pool was always very deep and even. Speakin of which, despite always being very deep, the wax hasn't gone down nearly as fast as most BBW candles have been; I'd let this burn for hours and I'd be surprised how high the wax was after hardening.  Now I was gonna give this candle high marks for the wax not changing colors but I noticed today that the wax did indeed change color but it's very slight.

Now on to the scent. Some people have described SW as being a repackage or being reminiscent of Eucalyptus Spearmint..... to which I say "hell naw!!!!" The two are absolutely nothing alike! First of all, SW has absolutely no mintiness to it whatsover! Secondly, the eucalyptus note in SW isn't nearly as strong as it is ES; ES dropkicks you in the face it's so strong. In the past, I compared SW to Snowed in as the two had similar notes. After smelling SW, I can say without a doubt that the two smell nothing alike.

I've also have heard people call this scent cologne-y........ *eyeroll

Anyway, SW is the epitome of fresh and clean scents and probably one of the best herbal scents that I've smelled so far. You can't describe this scent without using the word fresh. The eucalyptus note and the juniper berry note are both done perfectly and they blend so well together. I can't really say that I get the sage note; despite ordinarily being a pretty potent note, it's totally overpowered by the eucalyptus and juniper. Usually I'm not a big fan of scents featuring eucalyptus cuz it's almost always super strong, like Eucalyptus Spearmint. But I gotta say, the eucalyptus note in SW is really pleasant and inoffensive. With that said, the throw is medium-strongish; I'd call it guest friendly. What I like about SW is that has a refreshing cooling effect to it; you really do get the feeling of walking in a park on cool brisk autumn afternoon. This is perfect to burn during the evening wrapped in a warm blanket on a sofa while reading a book or watching a movie with a cup of tea or glass of wine. I like to burn it in the bathroom while I'm taking a bubble bath (with the Eucalyptus Tea shower gel, soooo good); the combination of the hot water and cool scent reminds of when I was in Japan and I soaked in a hot spring outside during refreshing!

Now for whatever reason, BBW released the SW wallflower bulbs super late. They weren't available when I made my fall haul so I purchased Autumn bulbs instead...and I gotta say, the two pair nicely together as they both have a crisp outdoorsiness to them. I would've rather a SW one though but it's all good though cuz I got the room spray. That lil SOB is STROOOOONG, it'll choke you out. Personally, I think the candle smells much better.

In conclusion, SW is AMAZEBALLS! It's soo refreshing and comforting; in my opinion, it's a much better aromatherapy scent than Eucalyptus Spearmint. I personally believe it's right up there with Leaves and Autumn with capturing the essence of fall, yet it doesn't feature any of the typical clich√© autumn-y notes, i.e apple/cider and cinnamon/nutmeg. It has certainly become one of my fall staples. With that said, I do hope and pray that BBW will continue to release SW every fall!


  1. With wallflowers being 75% off, I picked up the last 5 SW ones that my store had. I missed out on purchasing the SW 3-wick candle, but I did get to smell it.

    Did you ever get the SW wallflowers? How do the wallflowers compare to the candle?

    1. I'm glad you were able to pick up some bulbs cuz they're really good!

      Hmmm....if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely go with the candle. However the bulbs really pretty good, nice and strong

  2. Purchased and loved sweater weather last year 2015, but the ones I received this year do not have the same smell. I thought it was me, but my daughter came home from college and said the exact same thing before I mentioned anything. She also did not think icicles smelled the same.
    Slatkin candles were sooo much better. BBW keeps getting more expensive and the quality is decreasing.
    I was a Yankee candle fan until about 5 years ago. Heading back there, at least they don't change the best selling scents.

    1. Agreed. Sweater Weather has not been the same since 2013 and sine then, its gets tweaked every year.

      Alas gone are the days when you would quality candles from BBW. A lot of people are going back to Yankee cuz at least you could expect consistency


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