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So I got tempted by the recent Mother's Day inspired 2for22 sale and made a trip with my bf to GSP. I wanted to stock up on some Peach Cilantro Twist candles but alas there were non to be bought. So I decided to take the opportunity to resniff and reassess the Coastal Cool candles. I'll go from most liked to least liked.

Coastal Sun
This was honestly without a doubt the ONLY CC candle that my bf and I actually liked. It's very citrusy, like a very sweet candy like orange-lemony blend..think Starburst. It also kinda reminds me of Sunny Delight. It's a very bright and happy scent for the summer.

* Touchthefiretwice said that this is a repackage of an old summer scent called Citrus Flower.

Beach Day
This one was a little interesting. Everybody that has reviewed this candle all have the same thing to say about it (and I have to agree)...it smells like a specific and familiar men's cologne but I don't know exactly which one. It's one of the more watery aqua type scents - think something along the lines of Cool Waters or Azzaro's Chrome (one of my favorite colognes). It's watery with a lemony kick and just a hint of musk. It's a nice scent for the bathroom or bedroom.

Turquoise Waters
I'm 99.9% sure that this is a repackage of an old spring/summer scent from '12 called Sea Spray. Like Beach Day, it's fresh watery scent..more so than Beach Day. It has that aqua-like melon\cucumber kick mimicking the wateriness/freshness/saltiness of the sea, a little bit of citrus to perk it and sandalwood/musk round it up and even it out. It's like Oceanside but a 100% times better!

Palm Leaves
This is yet another repackage of a scent from the same line as Sea Spray called White Palm. Again, it's another fresh scent although one is more lush and green. The aloe note hits your nose immediately followed by the palm note. And the agave kind of sweetens the blend up a bit. It kinda makes me think of being some place like Miami and walking past someone's palm tree garden. It's nice but nothing exciting.

Sunset Beach
For all y'all sweetie lovers out there who are anti-fresh, this is as good as it's gonna get. It's very fruity in candy-like way, like Bubbalicious bubblegum. It kinda reminds me of Rio Glow from the Destination line...it may even be a repackage/repackage with a twist. It kinda has a fruity popsicle/slushie/snowcone/snowball vibe to it. The problem s that cold throw is soooooooo light to the point of being almost non-existent. You have to take a huge wick inhaling whiff to get any semblance of a scent.

Endless Weekend
BBW threw e’rybody a curve ball by releasing this candle based on the upcoming body care of the same name, which from a marketing standpoint is a smart move. I wanted to like it just for that reason but honestly I was unimpressed. At the risk of sounding a little misogynistic, I'm not a big fan of feminine smelling scents which this definitely is. With that said I could see how it could be really popular. Does it smell like the actual body care? I can't answer that; honestly I tend to ignore body care when I'm in the store so I dunno.

Eucalyptus Mint & Waves
Really BBW, REALLY?! WTF?! First you tell us it's supposed to smell like rain then y'all bring it back in the summer saying it's supposed to remind us of a sunny day then you bring it back this spring again saying it's supposed to smell like rain and now it's back like a cold sore only this time it's supposed to smell a tidal wave. On top of all that you change the name from Perfect Wave to this generic sounding name further proving y'alls laziness. Come on...a) we're not stupid or desperate and b)y'all can do better than this. Plus there's already two watery smelling scents, did we need another?! Totally unnecessary!


Ocean Driftwood
Again, REALLY?! This is just Mahogany Teakwood renamed or as I like to say, it has been "Black Tie'd". It's not even worth talking about. Again, unnecessary!

The store also had the two scents that didn't go wide...

You would think that this would be a repackage of the old Suntan aka Poolside but it is not. According to TTFT, this is a repackage of an ol school scent called Beachside. Honestly, I like this more than Poolside. Even though it was a hit in the past, I was in the minority of folks that didn't like it; it just smelled too much like an actual legit suntan lotion. This Suntan smells less suntany and more beachy and spa-like if that makes sense. Its almost like jazzed up, slightly citrusier version of White Sands from the old Boardwalk line. Why this didn't go wide is beyond me!

Pacific Coast Highway
When I first heard about this one, I was excited cuz it sounded like it would be a cologney mandle (which it is) And TTFT described it ad a mix of Oakmoss & Vetiver and Verbena Waters, two favorite scents of mine. With that said, I was super intrigued. Then I smelled it awhile back in the store and resmelled it again this time. *sigh. It honestly smells like a man's hairy sweaty armpit that he just rolled deodorant on. There's something sharp and off putting that's very similar to man funk and I can't say I like it.

All T all shade, as a whole I'm a little unimpressed with this line. As a concept, it's cute in theory but in execution it leaves much to be desired. I love the frosted colored jars but hate the flimsy awkward plastic lids. And the scents, while nice, are nothing exciting or new. Furthermore, they're all sooooooo friggin light on cold throw that I can only assume they'll have  light warm throws once lit. Methinks I'm gonna pass on these candles (I don't really burn candles a whole lot in the summer anyway) although here are a few scents I that I may consider purchasing in wf bulb form. All I can say to sum everything up is....I'm ready for fall!


  1. i weep for wanting suntan and pacific coast highway.

  2. It was silly for BBW not to release Suntan, very stupid decision. Pacific Coast Highway... eh, not so much. Although its better than Ocean Driftwood


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