THIS IS THE BOMB.COM : Island Margarita (part deux)

Product: candle and wf bulbs
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: May - June

The scent of a classic poolside cocktail - notes of mandarin, sweet mango and plum with a freshly salted rim

I'm not gonna say much about this one as I already did a review about it last year...

It's the same IM that we know and's one of my all time favs and well as a staple late spring/early summer scent. It doesn't so much smell like a margarita as it does a premade margarita mix/syrup. It also smells like tropical green Starburts.

There's not much to report. The flames were high, it gave a good throw and the wax pool was always deep and even, so there ya go!

The wf bulbs this year were a little strange. As y'all probably know wf bulbs after various lengths in time go stale, this either lessens the strength of the throw or changes the scent entirely. The latter happened with my IM bulbs. After it scent smelled even less than a margarita and more like green tea with mango. It doesn't stink but still kinda strange.

Anyhoo, if you like your scents super sweet and not a slime-y or tangy, go with this. But if you want a more authentic lime margarita scent (and I never thought I'd ever say this) but go with Yankee's version, Margarita Time.


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