NEWNESS UPDATE: June Semi Annual Sale "Blasts from the Past"

First off, let me apologize for being MIA. With the move, and getting my apartment together and job searching...I've been super busy. Plus besides my Summer Sips and a few other, I haven't burned any other candles nor have I bought any; I decided to abstain and not buy anything til SAS...

With that said, as y'all know SAS is right around the corner, in about 3-4 weeks to be exact. Also as y'all know, BBW releases special sets of old school blas from the past candles, ie last summer BBW released old fall bakery candles, ie Caramel Apple, Apple Crumble, Homemade Cookie etc. And this summer's SAS is no different.

So this coming SAS, BBW will be releasing....

I'm kinda excited! This was really fun line of scents. However I highly doubt that people begged for this particular line to reappear for SAS but rather BBW simply wanted to get rid of them from their warehouse but whatevs. A few scents from this line has made the rounds, ie Beach Cabana, Oceanside and Summer Boardwalk..oh, and Seashore aka Renew&Frefresh. But the others have faded into obscurity...until now!

So the candles that we will be seeing....

Summer Boardwalk ...E'RYBODY'S FAVORITE!
Ice Cream Shop - vanilla, cherry, toffee, almond (sugarcane and peach?)
Beach Grass - dewy greens, palmetto grass, white freesia
White Sands - grapefruit, sandalwood, coconut milk, jasmine
Saltwater Taffy - vanilla cream, strawberries, cherries
Suntan - (aka Poolside/Sunny St Tropez) orange flower, yuzu and coconut husk

No Rootbeer Float (which I never got to smell but I heard that it's kinda funky, not in a good way)
And Beach Cabana and Oceanside are still available in the Tropical/Beach line and Seashore aka Renew&Refresh I believe is only available in wf bulb and roomspray form only

I'm sure the sweetie lovers out there will go nuts for Salt Water Taffy and Ice Cream Shop. And Summer Boardwalk will fly off the shelves. As for me, I personally have my eyes of Beach Grass and White Sands as I love me some fresh scents.

Oh and of course BBW will be bringing back ol school fragrances, including one of the few FFMs that I actually like, Dark Kiss.

So yeah, get excited!!!


  1. Root beer would have been amazing! But I will be on the look out for Saltwater taffy and Beach Grass. YIPPEE!!!

    1. I'm surprised thay they haven't popped up online yet. Maybe later this week. If not, sas is just a week away!

  2. I am really excited about these candles! I want them all.

    I hope they burn well and have a good, make that excellent, throw. I have been disappointed in my last few BBW candle purchases. Provence Garden has no smell what so ever. Just smells like wax and wick if you ask me. Lemon Verbena, while the cold throw smells awesome, the one that I got just smells waxy. Tiki Beach is another one. It took 4 or 5 burnings before I got the wonderful scent that everyone loves. It just smelled waxy and sooty to me before, now it smells great. Crazy huh?!? I would be willing to repurchase if I was guaranteed that it smelled awesome from the beginning. Spring made me sick and had to go back to the store. Pineapple Mango doesnt smell as good burning as it does on cold throw. I have a few more that I havent even burned yet. I am not as excited about them now.

    I think my BBW candle buying phase is coming to an end...

  3. Well before you say goodbye to bbw, I'd wait til the fall candles come out; fall is usually when bbw is at their best

  4. I picked up Beach Grass, White Sand and Sun Tan at the SAS today. Was not happy about the 50% off of 22.50, but couldnt resist.

    To me, Beach Grass smells like what I wanted Spring to smell like. White Sand reminds me of Bounty fabric softener and I love it! Such a fresh, clean smell. Sun Tan is just wonderful. Another clean smell. I also just noticed that these candles have Slatkin & Co on them. I wasnt buying candles during the Slatkin era, so I am excited to burn these to see the difference everyone keeps talking about.

    IMO Ice Cream Shop and Summer Boardwalk smelled too similar. I thought I was going to like ICS, but didnt. I think it was the toffee that turned me off. Saltwater Taffy sounds good on paper, but the strawberry smell was too artificial for me to purchase.

    On "candle day" I am definitely buying backups of these three scents, Coconut Leaves and Eucalyptus Mint.

    1. I'm glad you liked those three. And I pretty much agree with your assessment of them all.


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