THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Lavender Marshmallow

Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: April -

Description: The merging of two unexpected flavors - lavender and marshmallow - make this mouthwatering blend a special treat

As y'all already, I LOOOOOOOVE lavender. Anything with lavender in it makes me a happy homo! So when BBW was testing a candle that smelled like lavender marshmallows, I was allllll over it! And I was not the only the one, folks were losin their proverbial shit over this candle. Unfortunately much to everybody's dismay and frustration, Lavender Marshmallow didn't go wide...nobody knows why! After awhile, LM was getting more and more elusive. I tried getting it thru Customer Relations but they didn't have any left in their warehouse. In utter desperation, I searched throughout Evil-bay and several sellers had them but they were just too expensive. I finally found one by sheer chance that was reasonably priced and no one was bidding on it. Taking that as a sign, I bidded on it and for a whole week, I was the only bidder. Then towards the last da of the bid, some random asshole started bidding against me; we got into a bidding war for days. Finally the day before the last day, the asshole wasn't upping the price so I thought I was good. Right before I went to bed, something told me to look at my phone so I did..and I was friggin outbidded! And by this point, the price was raised way too high so I relented and gave up. Again, just by sheer luck, I found another seller with a LM at a cheaper price so I just bought it on the spot. When it arrived I could no be happier! I burned it right then and word..NOSEGASM!!!

There have only been 7 candles from BBW that have given me a certified nosegasm at first sniff - Black Pepper Bergamot, Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts, French Lavender, Leaves , Apple Crumble, Boathoue Row and now Lavender Marshmallow

Performance-wise, this is the!!! It burns like a friggin boss! Big plump mushroom tops, tall highsteppin flames, deep DEEP even pool. And omg, the pool. The wax melts into this absolutely GORGEOUS lavender/lilac/orchid color. And the throw...*shudders in sheer orgasmic pleasure...the throw is out of this friggin world!!! The throw on this SOB is how ALL BBW candles should have. It is knock you out STRONG! However, it doesn't kick your ass but rather wraps you in warm tender embrace, a "warm blanket throw" as I like to call it. PERFECTION!!!

The scent is very meat&potatoes, what you see is what you get. It smells like a straightup lavender flavored marshmallow, period! The lavender note is SPOT ON - herbal, astringent and calming. The marshmallow note is again SPOT ON - warm, fluffy, whipped, creamy and just oh so sweet! Now you would think that with "marshmallow" in the notes that this would smell sickeningly sweet.. lord knows, I've railed against ooey gooey candy sweet BBW scents; I'm so not a fan of the uber sweet bakery/gourmand candles. But no, this is not sickeningly sweet, you won't drop into a diabetic coma after one sniff. The two notes are very evenly balanced - the lavender isn't too herbal/astringent and the marshmallow isn't intensely nauseatingly sweet and the two just blend together perfectly!

This candle is just utter PERFECTION in every way!!! Why this didn't go wide is beyond me, very stupid on BBW's part cuz this could've been a runaway hit! Maybe this will make a surprise appearance during SAS. I rarely ever advise this but LM is worth looking for on Evilbay,it's that damn good!


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