THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: French Lavender

Product: candles (eventually the bulbs too)
Area used in:  main bathroom, living room and bedroom
Time Period: end of March -

Description: Never-ending fields of lavender are the essence of Provence and are recreated in a transporting blend of wild lavender heightened by hint of vanilla

So as you all know, recently BBW was practically giving French Lavender away; not only was it being sold for $10 online and in stores but BBW Insiders posted/shared a coupon code that let you get one for free! I myself took advantage of both options by buying one $10 one and getting another for free. However, this "too good to be true" deal seemed in the eyes of a discontented few to be truly too good to be true. A lot of folks flat out didn't like it! Not only were folks complaining about French Lavender's smell but others with no intention of buying it or bought it to be exchanged seemed to have carte blanche to bash lavender scents in general. I briefly talked about all the lavender hate in my last post

Y'know what..screw the haters! As I said in my last post, lavender is the bomb! French Lavender is AMAZING...C'EST MAGNIFIQUE!!! It is by far the best lavender scent that BBW has ever released! In true "Le Mis" fashion I'll gladly be the Enjolras of lavender lovers everywhere, wave my lavender flag in the air and yell at the top of my lungs...


Performance-wise, FL was fan-friggin-tastic. The flames were nice and high and wax always melted into this deep and even sea of violet colored loveliness! Now about the throw... *sigh...many many people have been complaining about how weak the throw is. Unfortunately I kinda have to agree, I do wish the throw was a bit stronger. Although with that said, the scent lingers for a surprisingly long amount of time and travels quite a bit. I had it burning in my bedroom and again in my bathroom and after I blew it out, the scent had traveled throughout the apartment and lingered in the air for several hours.

Now let's rap a taste about the scent. Now when I first about FL and saw that vanilla was in the notes, I and many others assumed that it was a repackage of Lavender Vanilla. I happy as hell to say that it isn't..thank goodness! It's just straightup lavender! Now back in '12, there was a straightup lavender candle called Lavender  that was in test stores but was never released wide...FL may be a repackage of that. Anyhoo, the scent is very straightforward - it's fresh ,unblended ,astringent ,herbal lavender buds! It really is like walking through a field of fresh blooming French lavender and it's beyond amazing. Now I know unblended straightup lavender is not everyone's cup of tea; most prefer it with vanilla or chamomile so that it's less astringent and more sweet. One of the complaints about FL is that it is too astringent and harsh on people's noses...PUSSIES! Others say that after burning it, that it smelled to minty...not surprising since lavender is a relative of mint! Personally, I am beyond happy to have a straight up fresh unblended un-vanilla'd lavender scent and FL has easily become one of my all time top favorite BBW scents!

At the end of the day, haters gon hate! Don't let "Les Miserables" deter you! If lavenders not for you, that's fine..just avoid it! However if you really love lavender, then you must get this candle! I stick by my opinion that this is the best lavender scent BBW has ever had!



  1. I picked up one of these the last time they were on sale for $10. I love it!

  2. Right?! For the life of me, I don't get why this candle gets so much hate?


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