SHOP 'N' GO: Spring Haul Part Deux (FreshedPicked/Aloha Hawaii/Provence)

So despite me proclaimin that I'd be on a strict candle ban lately, I gave in to the siren like temptation of 2for 22 sales and have bought a few candles from the various spring collections.

On the every first 2for 22, the Fresh Picked candles were in demand. I went into the store simply to get my sniff on with no intention of buying anything...year right? I wound up buying 3 candles

Then as y'all know there was yet another 2for22 sale for the release of the Aloha Hawaii candles. Again, I went in only to sniff but would up buying stuff. I bought...

  • Rainforest Sugarcane
  • Island Waters
  • 2x Black Sands
So why 2 Black Sands? Here's why... So as yall know I had a Spring candle and wf bulbs
 that were makin my bf and I sick. So I went to the store (the same day I bought these Aloha Hawaii candles) and exchanged the bulbs. But I totally forgot to exchange the candle. Moreover I picked up a Black Sands instead of an Island Waters by accident. I was dealing with an exceptionally chatty SA who was annoying the piss outta me and I couldn't concentrate. Anyhoo I didn't realize that I picked up the wrong candle til I got home and my bf pointed it out. So I went back to the store the next day and exchanged Spring for Island Waters. I kept the 2 Black Sands cuz my bf really really liked them.   

Lastly, I totally the resisted and ignored the most recent 2for22. However the day after the sale was the day with the infamous BBW Insider Free French Lavender coupon so I had to get on that. So my best friend and I decided to go together coupons in hands.

  • 2x French Lavenders
  • Lemon Verbena
I didn't want to take advantage of the coupon deal; I could've made more cheap purchases to get more free candles or go my other stores but I didn't feel like doin that. So I bought a $10 French Lavender and used the coupon to get a free one; honestly I was happy with two. I also exchanged that stank dirt smellin Snap Peas for Lemon Verbena.

Now for your viewing enjoyment is my haul collective video!


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