RANT OF THE DAY: Lavender Lovers Unite!

So with the recent giveaway of French Lavender, multitude of lavender haters have come out of the woodwork! Not just hatin on French Lavender itself but of lavender period!

Well ya know, eff the haters! Lavender is friggin AWESOME!!!

I am comin out of the closet as an out and proud lavender lover! *cue Diana Ross' "I'm comin out!"

I LOVE French Lavender and (with the exception of Lavender Vanilla), I love all of the lavender scents that BBW has released...candles, rooms sprays, bath/shower gels, pocket backs, etc! I love lavender tea, lavender syrup, lavender home fragrance..I just love lavender period!

I think BBW should have more lavender. In fact I'll even take it further should have a whole line of nothing but lavender goodness!

Remember back in '12, there was a line of "Eucalyptus Mint &..." candles testing but never went wide... EM& Apple, EM&Rain, EM&Herbs, EM&Guava, etc etc? Well, why not do the same thing but...wait for it...with LAVENDER?!

BBW, y'all already have the candles for this possible line...

Lavender (aka French Lavender)

Lavender Vanilla (either the core version or even Lavender Marshmallow)

Lavender Chamomile (the old aromatherapy version)

Lavender Spearmint (aka Lavender Market)

Lavender Verbena (aka Fleur de Provence)

And of course y'all could add some all new lavender blends, such as...

Lavender Bergamot (basically Black Pepper Bergamot but without the black pepper)

Lavender Rain (how fresh and delightful would this be)

Lavender Sandlewood (a staple aromatherapy blend)

maybe add some fruit for yall sweety lovers

Lavender Lemon (the two go really well together, Yankee has one)

Lavender Strawberry (again, the two go well together; two words... strawberry lavender jam...that's my jam!!!

Some candles, some wf bulbs, room sprays, lotions, ffm..it was LAVENDERTASTIC! I personally would buy the hell outta this! I'd have LAVENDERGASM!

BBW, get up on it!


  1. looool I love this! BBW get up on that!

  2. Add Lavender Cedar! Triloka, one of my favorite incense makers (that I can afford), briefly had three new scents out awhile back: Lavender Cedar, Lavender Sandalwood, and Cedar Sandalwood (scent names may not be in the right order). I liked them all, but the Lavender Cedar - or maybe Cedar Lavender - was the most intriguing. It might not work with every cedar (or for that matter, every lavender) but it worked this time.

    1. Ohhhh lavender and cedawood...Id never think to put those two together. I'm intrigued!


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