THAT'S SO TEST SCENT: Lemon Cucumber

Product: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: March -

Description: Clean, crisp cucumber and zesty lemon create a refreshing fragrance perfect for spring

This was one of many failed test scents that I ordered from Customer Relations awhile back. I love lemony scents as well as cucumber scents so when I heard BBW was releasing a lemon cucumber combo, I had to get my hands on it. I knew almost immediately that it would not go wide cuz it wasn't other words, super sweet. And I was right, it didn't go wide...although I still say that it could've and should've replaced that Snap Peas mess.

Performance-wise, LC was at first a lil bit iffy. It tunneled and canyoned and took for forever to completely pool out, even after quite a few burns.

Exhibit A...

But then magically, it managed to correct itself and it's been burnin and poolin out just fine ever since. Throw-wise, it's very pleasant; I'd say it's medium strong. The scent filled the entire living room, even back home in Nola.
Now let's rap a taste about the's very straightfoward, it's lemon and cucumber. But it's the authenticity that made me really like this scent; it literally smells like straightup fresh cut unpeeled cucumber with a splash of lemon. Now BBW has done two cucumber in the past, Cucumber Melon and Sage Cucumber...neither of which smelled anything like cucumber. This on the other hand is perfection - the cucumber note is so authentic; it really does smell like you just cut into a fresh cucumber you just bought at the market and it still has the rind on it. It blends so well with the lemon note..which let's take a minute and talk about that. I dunno what's goin with BBW and their lemony scents but they all smell like and remind me of yellow and green Fruity Pebbles. Not so much Limoncello or Sugared Lemons but Lemon Drops a tiny little bit and especially  Fleur de Provence and Lemon Verbena....Fruity Pebbles! Now add ol LC to the list. Not that I'm complainin cuz I love me some Fruity Pebbles, especially the yellow and green ones but still, it's strange.
Anyhoo, I do really like this one although not enough to burn it all the time. This is one of those scents that I'll bring out once in awhile to mix and freshen things up. It's bright, it's refreshing, it's juicy and zesty; it's a nice candle to burn while you're doin some cleanin or to cool and refresh you on a hot spring or summer afternoon. If like me you like lemon and/or cucumber scents or typically are drawn to fresh un-sickeningly-sweet scents, try finding it on Evil-bay and place a bid..if  the price is reasonable of course. But real talk, don't beat yourself that you missed out on this back when it was testing, it's a nice scent but nothing too special. Just go with Lemon Verbena for the time being. 


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