THIS THE BOMB.COM: Chestnut & Clove

Products: candle and bulb
Area used in:  main bedroom
Time Period: December - New Years

Description: Embrace the cozy feeling of the holidays with a warm blend of dark chestnut, crisp cedar and fresh clove

Missing notes: cinnamon and pine

Also know as "Winter Cabin"

Poor Chestnut&Clove! This scent has been around for years yet no one really talks about it. Compared to the other more popular holiday scents like Tis the Season, Fresh Balsam or Fireside, it gets so overshadowed and overlooked. C&C is like the quiet, nerdy unpopular girl sitting by herself reading book or standing against the wall at a party or dance. Yet there's more to this girl than you think, an inner beauty hiding beneath her quiet unassuming behavior as well as a sophistication than the other popular girls will never achieve. Same with C&C; it's so unappreciated and overlooked which is a shame cuz it's such a sophisticated and unique fragrance.

I remember seein it around last year but never bought it. This year I decided to take a chance and try it out...and I'm soooo glad that I did cuz I have fallen in love this scent.

First of all, the performance was absolutely fabulous! High dancing flames..deep wax pool..yada yada yada. And despite the wax being a creamy milky white, it didn't get too cruddy and dingy looking. I loved burning it a night as it was such a beautiful candle to look at. And the throw was absolutely perfect, not too weak yet not to strong and it wrapped around enveloped you like a blanket.

Now onto the scent...

I can see why this was once called Winter Cabin, it's very apropos. When you sniff it, you totally get the feeling of being in a cabin out in the woods. You smell the wood logs that the cabin is made out of and the fresh snow covered pine trees surrounding and you walk in and you feel feel the warmth from the fireplace and there are spiced chestnuts roasting above the flames.
What's odd and yet cool about C&C is that is a such a warm cozy scent yet it's slightly cooling at the same time, like Sweater Weather or Snow Day but not as intense. I think that contrast comes from the notes. The chestnut note is very rich, creamy and warm and clove note spices and warms it up even more (can't really say that I smell cinnamon). Then in the background you get a hint of cool crisp pine needles and cedarwood. C&C reminds me a lot of Winter in the fact that you have notes that you wouldn't think go together but they blend so beautifully; there's a mix of cool winter woods with something spiced and bright that chills you yet warms you at the same time.

The wf bulb was absolutely divine though I wish it were just a tiny bit stronger.

C&C is such a gorgeous scent and just perfect for the holidays. It really deserves to be in the higher echelon of holiday scents. To me it's just as good as Tis the Season and Winter and Fresh Balsam, etc. However it's been overlooked for so long, I have a funny this year might be the last time it's released and may disappear along with the rest of Slatkins' winter holiday scents. So for those you have never tried, try it while it's still available (and half off). And those of you like me who have fallen in love with it, stock up just in case!


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