THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Cherry Blossom Sangria

Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of January - 

Description: Celebrate spring with the sweet scent of sangria made from fresh cherry nectar, crisp apple sices and a hint of wild raspberry

So I will admit, I was a bit leery about this scent. The name kinda throw me for a loop; I'm kinda prejudiced againt anything that sounds like it'll be floral. And if this wasn't floral, it just seemed like it was gonna be sugary sweet. So my bf and I sniffed it in the store, and despite it smelling a little on the candy/punch side, we both really liked it. So once it was on sale, I decided to buy it and give it a try.

Now there has been a lot of complaints about this candle. First of all, quite a few people have said that this was a DID (dud in disguise) and the flames was stubby....not mine! My flames were highsteppin! The wicks had plump mushroom tops and the wax melted evenly into a gorgeous rosy pool. Need proof? Just look at the pic! Others have complained that the warm throw was so low to the point of being non-existant...not mine tho! While it wasn't knock you out punch you in the nose kick you in the taint strong, there was still a throw - it took a minute but it eventually filled my apartment with cherrylicious goodness. Lastly, folks complained that the scent was a little bit on the chemical, reminiscent of hairspray...again and this bears repeating, not mine!

Now before I get to the scent review, allow me to rant for a second. BBW has a bad habit of naming scents that in actuality it doesn't smell anything like. It's a marketing ploy to get yall (ladies) super intrigued. This habit particularly bothers me with the "alcohol-y" wine scents, BBW just doesn't do wine scents very well. Take the "sangria" scents; neither Pink Sangria or the newer Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria just don't smell very sangria-ish. And CBS is no exception. It doesn't so much smell like a cherry flavored sangria but rather a cherry punch. The name may draw attention but the scent will disappoint. It's like being a match/hookup site and usin a picture of you from years ago or heavily photoshopped knowing you don't look like that in person. Just be honest BBW!

So on both cold and warm throw, you get a noseful of instant and immediate cherry - like a jar of Maraschino cherries in a jar swimming in red sugar water. There's no getting around or escaping it. The cherry note also kinda reminds me of cherry Bubblicious gum.There's a slight crisp tart green Granny Smith note but it's completely overwhelmed by that Maraschino cherriliciousness. Raspberry...not really... And maybe it's the name playin tricks on me but I get the tiniest hint of floral. Now obviously cherry blossoms don't actually smell like anything but I get something bright and powdery - jasmine or pear/apple blossom or plum blossom. Anyhoo, don't let that scare you off; unless your sense of smell is super sensitive, all you're gonna smell is cherry. It really smells like a Shirley Temple or cherry Kool-aid. It's like Summertime Soda but with the nose-ticklin effervescence toned all the way down and the cherry note amped all the way up.

I really like CBS a lot, it's a nice late spring to midsummer scent. And I like that it's sweet without raising my blood sugar level and also that there's a bit of freshness and crispness to it. All that said, buy this at your own risk as so many people have been complaining. While CBS was a boss bitch candle for me, it might not be for you so keep your receipt in case you have to return/exchange. But if you're lucky like me, you gonna find yourself enjoyin the hell out of this!


  1. Ok, now I gotta sniff this. The name makes no sense--it's as if the marketing team drew a bunch of random words out of a hat!

    1. I'm with ya on that!

      although cherry blossom sangria is actually a thing but still


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