Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of February - beginning of April

Description: Liven up the room with a bubbly blend of sparkling white wine and juicy spring green pears

Well this seems to be an ongoing trend with me lately - out of all the candles in a particular collection, only one piques my interest. And this is the one that intrigued the most as it seemed to be moreorless new. As it's only a White Barn exclusive, I decided to look for it on Evilbay. Once again, it was a case of curiosity killing the cat and much to my dismay, it turned out not to be a new scent at all but rather a repackage with a twist. Like aforementioned Sparkling Limeade, had I bought online or in a store, I would've brought it back to get exchanged for something better.

Performance wise, it burned like a BOSS! The wicks had the biggest plumpest mushroom tops that I've seen in a really long time. That said, the flames were ridonkulously high. The drawback was that it did leave soot on the very ugly and basic white tumbler. Anyhoo, there were never any wax issues; it always melted deeply and evenly.

And now let's talk about the scent.... sigh

Now just judging from the notes I thought at first that it would be "sour apple pucker" scent i.e. Pink Apple Punch/Wasabi Apple/Green Apple Orchard/Green Apple Champagne which worried me as I despise those scents. I really hoped it be a genuine fresh, juicy and crisp pear scent as I love anything with pear. Fortunately it was not the former however unfortunately it is not the latter. It is however a straightup repackage with a twist of...wait for it...friggin CHAMPAGNE TOAST. There's the tiniest hint of pear but it's not juicy and fresh but rather sweet and fake. But for the most part all you really smell is Champagne Toast. It's basically Champagne Toast with a tiny hint of Cranberry Pear Bellini.

On the one hand, I'm not too disappointed as I do love me some CT. However I was kinda hopin that this was a new scent and not another tired lazy repackage. Unless you're a huge fan of CT and dont currently have any in your collection, leave WPC right on the shelf!


  1. I just started burning mine now and it is AWESOME! I do get the hint of Cranberry Pear Bellini though. I bought if for a super amazing deal so no complaints here. :)


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