CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Sparkling Limeade

Products: candle & wf bulb
Area used in:  living room (wf in July)
Time Period: end of January -

Description: Refreshing with a sophisticated touch of citrus, this fragrant blend of juicy limes, sparkling water and a hint of sugar quenches your thirst for spring

In the very beginning, this was the only the only scent in this collection that I was interested - I LOVE lime scents...well anything with lime really! At the time, I was too intrigued with this candle to wait until it was in stores. In a case of curiousity killing the cat, I made a bid for this on Evil-bay... a stupid move on my part as it did appear in stores not too long after. With that said, had I bought this in the store, I probably would've brought it back and exchanged it.

Performance wise, it was just ok. The flames were steadily high and there was always a consistently deep and even wax pool. The throw was kinda on the weak side; it barely managed to fill my living room. Honestly, I was ok with that cuz the scent was not enjoyable enough for it to be knock you out strong.

And now onto the scent... sigh

BBW doesn't have the best track record with lime scents; most of their so-called "lime" scents don't actually have lime notes in them at all. Sparkling Mojito's lime note was actually  pomelo. With Island Margarita, it's mandarin. Coconut LIME Verbena is vaguely lime-y but was more heavy on the verbena which is actually closer to a lemon scent. Tequila LIME Cupcake again smells vaguely lime-esque/citrusy. (There's also Lime Ice but I've ever never smelled that one) And Sparkling Limeade has the same issue - it's vaguely lime-esque. Although "lime" is mentioned in the bottom description notes, it's nowhere to be found in the notes online. Instead we get "lemongrass"..honestly that makes more sense. There's citrusy aspect but it's not fruity or juicy but rather very green and grassy. And look at the picture on the grass and that's what you get. The online notes also mention gin which again makes sense cause you get a slight alcoholy medicinal and again green flavor. If anything this scent smells less like "sparkling limeade" and more like a "gin & tonic"...which I'm ok with as it's my go to cocktail of choice but though from a marketing standpoint "sparkling limeade" sounds more appealing. Anyhoo, I digress. The one thing that turns me off to this scent is there is an unexplained and kinda offputting soapiness to the blend. It's like the small waxy sculpted handsoaps your grandmother has in her guest bathroom that you're not allowed to use- cheap generic vaguely lime scented handsoap.

All in all, SL is a bit of a fail. If you're expecting a sweet yet tart fizzy bubbly mouthpuckering lime soda scent, you're gonna be incredibly disappointed. Real talk, don't waste your time or money on this one! 


  1. Yes, "soapy" is exactly what I think of with this candle! I don't hate it, but not at all what I was hoping. Meh.


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