WALK 'N' SNIFF: Hawaiian Collection

So today after work, I decided to mosey on over to my fav store in the city and finally sniff the Hawaiian candles...

I won't waste your time or mine talking about Pineapple Palm Grass or Hawaiian Hibiscus cuz y'all know what those smell like. And y'all should already know that Sweet Maui Mango is Mango Dragonfruit

Honolulu Sun - well this is a double whammy of scents that I dislike - a coconut scent and it's a scent based on bodycare. It's kinda fresh and watery yet sweet. Then on top of that is that intense BBW-ian coconut note. I will say that  I think this smells better than the soap..barely

Oahu Coconut Sunset - ugh, yet another coconut scent. I've no earthly idea how the body cares smells so I cant say if it smells similar or better or worse. Honestly, I'm no good at describing scents with coconut in it cuz I hate the scent so much. I guess I'd venture to say that despite being another coconut heavy scent, OCS has a different vibe than Honolulu Sun, more warmer, more feminine I guess

Guava Colada - oh joy, rapture...another scent with coconut. Now itbcould be my nose playin tricks on me and protecting from the dreaded coconut, but I didn't smell hardly any coconut. At first I thought this might be Pink Passionfruit/Red Lava Guava repackaged but I don't think it is. And to say this is a "colada" scent, this doesn't so much smell like a drink as it does a very sweet candy...think tropical Starburst

Big Island Bamboo - Now this scent is more up my alley - fresh, watery, clean and similar, Now many, myself included, assumed that it would be repackage of Fresh Bamboo...close but no cigar. It doesn't have the woody notes of FB nor is the scent itself nearly as intense. Like I said before it's a very fresh, watery, green scent with the tiniest hint a dewy pink floral note. Tinadivalicious said in his review that it reminded him of First Bloom/Bloom . As I'm currently burning last year's Garden Party vers of Bloom, I can say that's definitely not a repackage but it's similar in vibe

White Sands Beach - this honestly was the only one in this entire collection that I liked and you already know why....you guessed it, it's cologney! Many have said that it smells like Villa Bergamot and Mahogany Teakwood mixed together...on very basic and simplistic level, it kinda does. It has the bright cologney bergamot note of Villa Bergamot with the intense deep equally cologney mahogany/oak note of Mahogany Teakwood. However actually I'm almost 100% sure that this is actually a repackage of Pacific Coast Highway from the Coastal Cool collection. There's a fresh watery aspect as well as an earthy note like vetiver (two notes that PCH had). Think of this as the twin brother of Black Sands.

My store also had the infamous Easter candle.... *facepalm

Happy Easter ~ Cotton Candy Marshmallow - Ok, let's not waste time beatin around the bush...this hot mess is straight up Saltwater Taffy/Strawberry Picnic/Strawberry Sorbet! See, it's shit like this that really pisses me off! I mean how lazy and unimaginative could BBW possibly be?! Of ALLLLLLLLLL things to repackage as an Easter themed candle, why Strawberry Picnic? How in the hell does that chapsticky smelling mess smell like either cotton candy or marshmallow?!

Why not Lavender Marshmallow, a scent that folks are still clamorin for? Or just simply bring back Slatkin's Cotton Candy? Better yet, COME UP WITH SOMETHING FRIGGIN NEW!!!!

You know what? I just can't.....

Oh yeah, I did wind up buyin a lil somethin somethin...


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