THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade

Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: end of January 

Description: A spring market favorite - scrumptious marmalade made from handpicked garden strawberries and rhubarb

Initially I didn't know what to think of this one. One the one hand I was excited cuz I love strawberry rhubarb jam and pies. However on the other I was a leery cuz BBW tend not to do strawberry scents very well. Wild Strawberry smelled like a milkshake. The "Fresh Picked" Strawberry smelled like gasoline. And Strawberry Picnic/Strawberry Sorbet/Happy Easter smelled like cheap chapstick. Not a good track record at all. However I gave it a sniff with an open mind and found myself really liking it. And once I burned it, it was love at first sniff!

Performance wise, this candle was PER-FRIGGIN-FECTION! The wicks always had super plump mushroom tops with super high steppin flames. Needless to say the wax pool always melted evenly and deeply; the wax would melt into this gorgeous scarlet/crimson/ruby color. And the throw, OMG the throw...absoluyely perfect. Knock you out, punch you in the face, kick you in the taint, chokehold you strong! This is the kinda throw that I like my candles to have. A couple of times I had to blow it out cuz it was a little too strong.../ however, I'd rather a throw be too strong than too weak.

And now the scent.... if you're a expecting a fresh juicy straight of the bush strawberry scent, you'll be very disappointed. This is definitely more on the sugary sweet candy side (think strawberry Jolly Ranchers) And a lot of folks were initially frightened by the rhubarb aspect assuming it would make it smell very bitter and green. That's not the case. Usually rhubarb, while normally very bitter, often times enhances the sweetness in strawberries and that's the case with this candle. I definitely pick up some green notes in the background but it perks up and enlivens the strawberry note. So yeah I can say that without a doubt that this really smells like a strawberry rhubarb jam or hard candy. My bf really liked this one ; he said the apartment smelled like a strawberry rhubarb pie.

I highly recommend this...and that says a lot as I tend to avoid sweet scents and berry scents. Its sweet without being diabetic. The rhubarb note gives a nice fresh green outdoorsiness. Its very warm and inviting though it may be too strong to be considered "guest friendly". Its a nice late spring to midsummer scent and perfect for the weekend. If haven't gotten this yet, try it!


  1. I am burning this one now and loving it! It really does smell like strawberry rhubarb jam!

  2. Right? Soooo good. In my opinion, this and Cherry Blossom Sangria are the stars of this collection

  3. I love this scent! Thanks for your review!


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