NEWNESS UPDATE: Summer Test Candles

Well guys and gals, it has finally happened..we're getting some newness!!! Thank GAWD!

In a couple of weeks, we should be seeing the beachy candles in stores; kinda meh but hey, something is better than nothing, amirite?! And currently there are two collections testing and will probably hit stores nationwide around June (don't quote me on that, that's simply conjecture)

So the first collection is a Summer Sips/Poptail-esque collection - a bunch of sweet fruity beverage inspired scents. At the risk of being a Negative Nancy, this collection is kinda underwhelming. Compared to Summer Sips and Poptails, this is probably the worst incarnation. The look of this collection comes across as extremely cheap but even that I would be willing to overlook if the scents themselves were ah-mazing...they're not. Of course BBW choose the most basic and over-released vaguely beverage-y scents with only two "new" scents that aren't really new.  

Returning scents include Sangria Berry Freeze, Pink Apple Punch, Mango Coconut Cooler, Watermelon Lemonade, Limoncello and Island Margarita...basic basic BASIC. The two "new" scents are...

Raspberry Citrus Swirl - Indulge in a mouthwatering  mix of ruby red raspberries swirled into a fresh pressed citrus and passionfruit juice (I was REALLY hoping this would be Pink Sangria, sadly it's not. I also thought maybe Blackberry Grapefruit or Malibu Smash, again, it's not)

Blueberry Twist - Sweet little blueberries pack a big fragrance punch in this creamy mix of whipped vanilla and coconut (goddamit BBW, again with the f***ing coconut!!! I suspected that this was just Blueberries and Creme with coconut added to the notes to get all the basic bitches of America on board..and I was right. From what I've heard, it's a repackage with a twist without a hint of coconut)

The second testing collection is a bit more intriguing. It seems BBW is taking us on a trip to a part of this great nation of ours that we've never been before - the Southwest. The collection has a trip to the Mojave desert while high on peyote vibe to it; think the Ciao Italy collection but with a Southwestern Navajo/Pueblo design on the labels. What I like about this collection is it's sort of a throwback to the good ol Slatkin days of cohesive themed collections. Furthermore the scents are very earthy and elemental, no basic cutesy cutesy notes - no vanilla marshmallow/whipped cream/frosting, no gardenia, and NO FRIGGIN COCONUT! And this is the first collection in a long ass time to have a substantial number of possibly new scents and no rereleases (i.e. a collection with no Rainforest Gardenia, Mahogany Teakwood or Watermelon Lemonade)

Scents include...

Wild Sage and Aloe - The lush leaves of soothing aloe plant blend into aromatic sage and vetiver offering a fragrant oasis (I am sooo lovin the sound of this one. If it is a repackage, I hope it's Sage Cucumber from '12)

Desert Rain - Parched desert sands are revitalized bu the scent of lush dewdrops, dew covered grass and a hint of fresh lime (another one I'm lovin the sound of. I thought maybe Rainforest Sugarcane but apparently this smells very citrus heavy)

Mojave Sands - From the golden sands of the desert to the unique prickly pear cactus, the extraordinary notes in this fragrance transport you to the Southwest (I know what you're thinkin..from what I've heard, it's NOT Prickly Pear & Sugarcane)

Cactus Lily - Amazing desert flowers that bloom by the light of the moon ispires this feminine blend of cactus lily, lavish tuberose and creamy sandalwood (Well this isn't Pineapple Lily nor Baja Cactus Flower. Slatkin did have a scent called Velvet Tuberose back in the day with these same notes, this could very well be that)

Sedona Sandstone - Follow the trail to awe inspiring Red Rock country with this Southwestern blend of warm amber, cedarwood and red sandstone (Black Sands?)

Desert Heat - A warm blend of Palo Santo wood, golden peach and palm busks evokes the dramatic yet beautiful desert of the Southwest (I'm gonna go with White Palm, same exact notes. It better not be Peach Cilantro Twist)

Adobe Sunset - A spectacular crimson and orange desert sunset is captures by a blend of warm spices, sandalwood and vibrant orange zest (sounds like failed test scent Sonoma Spiced Citrus from last fall)

For pictures and info, check out my homegurl Jen on Instagram, @theshow78


  1. Seriously, how the f do you know so much about candles and notes?!? Really, I'm always amazed by your scent recollection and ability to accurately discribe what you are smelling in a cohesive manner!! That's why your my BRONZE!!

    1. Lol aww thanks!

      What can I say, its a gift lol

  2. Is it at least similar to prickly pear and sugar and suagrcane?


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