So I know we all have been on a major spring scent kick lately and I dunno about yall but despite the Winter Solstice and Christmas fastly approaching in a few more days, its been hard getting into the spirit. I'm sure this El NiƱo induced warm spell hasn't helped things. Perhaps the fact that this winter at BBW has been a hot mess so most of us are over it and are looking forward to some newness. However there is still some time left to garner some holiday mirth and good cheer. That said in the spirit of getting us back on the winter holiday track  I thought I'd do a special post about my top ten must have favorite winter scents of all time!

10. Snowed In (2012)  This was an interesting scent to say the least...definitely not for pussies. It was an unabashed outdoorsy scent and it really smelled like you were out in the snow. Think Sweater Weather without the eucalyptus with a hint of Flannel. It did have a weird cod fish oil like aroma after the midway point, but before and after it was heavenly.

9. Fireside (200?): What can you say about good ol Fireside. It's warm, inviting, cozy and I daresay a little sensual. You can start burning this bad boi anywhere from late autumn thru Christmas/New Years and on to the end of winter.

8. Merry Mistletoe (2011): OMG, friggin Merry Mistletoe; it's one of those classic and complex Slatkin era scents that I absolutely love. It had a very vintage ol school old fashioned vibe to it and was a perfect combo of winter fruits and piney notes. While this was marketed as a Christmastime scent, I preferred to burn this post New Years particularly around Carnival/Mardi Gras. MM is a nice compromise between the intense pine scents we get around Christmas and the dark winter fruits popular late winter in anticipation for spring scents. It's a damn shame BBW didnt release MM this year, especially since it was quite popular last year.

7. Snow Day (2013) - Ah Snow Day, what a wasted opportunity that was; so poorly marketed and despite people (myself included obviously) genuinely digging it, they never brought it back. It was a very simple scent - 70% Twisted Peppermint and 30% Fresh Balsam, both way toned down and the combo just smelled gorgeous! And you with as balsam crazy as BBW has been lately, you would think that they would've brought this back but nope. It's really a shame!

6. Mint Chocolate (2010?) I didn't use to like chocolate in home fragrance and I loathed mint chocolate anything but this candle (the 2013 version) made me change my mind. There was something different about that version; while past version smelled more creamy like ice cream, that version smelled like a delicious mint chocolate cookie..think the peppermint Oreos. Soooooo good!

5. Winter (200?) - Slatkin at his best! Winter is soooo beautiful and sophisticated; it's perfect not just for Christmas but for the rest of wintertime. I used to hate this scent and thought it very overrated and gagworthy but I've really come to appreciate it over the years. I can't imagine wintertime without it!

4. Winter Garland (2010) - another Slatkin classic! This is probably one of the best Christmas scents in BBW history, if not THE best! Sadly it has not been seen since '11 and despite ol schoolers practically begging for BBW to bring this back, WG has yet to make an appearance!

3. Chestnut & Clove (2010) - yet another Slatkin (you'll notice so many of these favs except Snow Day are Slatkin era scents). For years, this scent was completely ignored. Finally this year it got the attention it rightfully deserved. Try describing this scent without using the word elegant, sophisticated and luxurious..ya can't!

2. Evergreen (200?) - for years, I was very anti-pine scents; I could only take pine scents if it were blended with other notes. Last Christmas, my bf asked if we could try a pine scent so I sniffed/bought/burned both Evergreen and Fresh Balsam and found myself liking both..thought I definitely prefer Evergreen of Fresh Balsam. Evergreen is just perfection; it really smells like a Christmas tree ready for decorating. Now I can't imagine Christmastime with it!

1. Tis the Season (2009?) - This has been my all time favorite Christmas scent for years! It's such a special and nostalgic scent for me and always makes me think of childhood Christmases. Ya gotta love a scent that conjures such warm and special memories.

Honorary mentions include.. Pumpkin Gingerbread (so much better than Frosted Gingerbread), Holly Wreath (Christmas version of Sweater Weather), Sleigh Ride (old fashioned Christmas tree/wreath), Holiday Pomander (mulled wine/Christmas punch), Champagne Toast and Peace.


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