Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: the week of Thanksgiving (official Thanksgiving day candle)

Description: Save room for this delicious autumnal blend of creamy pumpkin, whipped vanilla and flaky pie crust that's as sweet as your favorite pumpkin pie

I've always wondered why BBW NEVER had a pumpkin pie scent and why they preferred for us BBWers to settle for Shit Cinnamon Poopkin instead. Every candle company on the face of the planet had a pumpkin pie scent except for BBW. So when they finally came out with one this past fall, I was very excited. I know a lot of folks were burning their PP (and other autumnal) candles as early as August but I waited patiently to burn mine til the week of Thanksgiving cuz it just seemed more apropos.

I almost gave this candle my patented "BOMB.COM" moniker but alas, I had some wick issues that made me change my mind. The candle had the dreaded curly wicks that BBW has been using this year. Not only did they curl but they leaned over to the right so the wax didn't completely pool out and there was a plateau of unmelted wax on the left side.

Dopey me didn't realize until shortly before I wrote this review that the leaning wicks were easily remedied; After taking the above picture, I blew out the flames and while there was still a wax pool, I gentle moved the wicks into the proper alignment with a chopstick. After that, the candle burned like a dream (the first pic was taken after I fixed the wicks).

Now when I first heard about this candle, I thought for sure it would be some hybrid variant of SCP and when I sniffed it in the store, for a second I thought it was SCP. But after smelling the two side by side, I knew it definitely wasn't. And it smells absolutely nothing like SCP once lit. It's actually more closer to Pumpkin Carving with elements of Pumpkin Cupcake. You get a creamy pumpkin note with the earthiness toned down, a little bit of vanilla, some fall spices (not so much cinnamon but definitely nutmeg and possibly ginger and allpspice). And you do get a flaky bakery note though with the spices it almost smells like graham cracker crust.

How does it compare to SCP? Not nearly as cinnamon heavy and as burnt; it smells like a warm pumpkin pie fresh from the oven

How does it compare to PC? Not as earthy and not waxy. PP is definitely a gourmand bakery type pumpkin scent as opposed to conceptual autumnal pumpkin scent. It also doesn't have that brown sugar/nutmeg blend that PC has 

How does it compare to Pumpkin Cupcake? Not nearly as obnoxiously sweet and obviously doesn't have the vanilla/buttercream aspect. Also the fall spices are way toned down and balanced in PP than PCC; PCC is very heavy on the ginger

I think PP was a welcome addition to this year's fall lineup. Hopefully BBW keeps it as a fall staple although lately fan favorites tend to disappear in favor for the sameold-sameolds or random "new" blends. If BBW was smart, they would keep this scent around as a replacement for SCP...I'm not holdin my breath though. That said, if any of y'all really liked this scent, then hopefully y'all stocked up cuz who knows if we'll see it again!


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