SHOP 'N' GO: $8.50 Candle Haul

So I did indeed take part in the $8.50 candle sale. My bf and I got up bright and early and made our way to GSP. White Barn was open early; we got there a little after 9:30 and the joint was already jumpin. I knew I had no time to lose before it got even more crowded so I took out my candle wishlist and made a beeline to the candles I wanted and swiftly put them in my basket. By the time I made it to the cashier, the line had grown exponentially; it curved serpentine like throughout the remainder of the store ending outside. My poor bf who wasn't so quick with his purchases who to go begrudgingly to the end of the line. And speaking of cashier, there were only 3 cashiers working only on the WB with not a single soul on the BBW side. Did they not know how crazy it was gonna get, why weren't there a full number of cashiers workin both sides?! Very stupid! Anyhoo my bf and I got what needed to get and hauled ass outta there!

I had a $50 gift card that my mom got my for my birthday and I wited patiently for tis sale to use it. And I also used a $15off40 coupon. So I ended up getting...

Not NEARLY as many as got last year; I think I got 12 or 13. Honestly there weren't that many candles that I wanted this go round cuz quite frankly, the holiday collections SUCKED and these were honestly the only scents in the whole shebang that remotely interested me.

My bf ended up getting as gifts...

Candle-wise, I am so good; I do intend on buying anymore anytime soon. I have absolutely NO interest in the holiday edition Destination candles. And most likely, I'm gonna pass on SAS altogether as it has been becoming more and more disappointing. I'm just gonna sit here and wait patiently for tropical mango coconutty shitshow that the spring is gonna be!


  1. I am not ready for the tropical mango coconutty shitshow. Ugh!

    1. You and me both gurlkfriend! But I'm not holdin my breath for it to be anything otherwise


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