Products: candle
Area used in:  living room
Time Period: the week of Christmas - New Year's Eve

Description: Evokes the magic of tracking through fresh snow to find the perfect holiday tree - fresh fir balsam infused with sparkling mint and white pine

Missing notes: clove and white birch

Well first of all let me apologize for being damn near absent on here. With work and all of the holidays festivities, I've been paying little to no attention to this blog and couldn't get myself into the mindset to write anything. Now that the holidays are over, I have no excuse and so here am I!

So, for awhile now my go to scent for Christmas time has always been my beloved Tis the Season however this year my bf and I wanted to do something different scent-wise. For reason, I've been on a big piney scent kick this year. That said, something want to give Evergreen a try. Evergreen has been around for YYYYEEAAAARRRSSSS and I've always ignored it writing it of as your standard generic Christmastime pine scent. But like I said, something made me wanna give it a try and I'm glad that I did cuz I fell in love with it; I think it has surpassed Tis the Season as my new favorite Christmastime scent.

Now performance-wise, I can't really go into much detail. I had Evergreen burning inside my Snowflake luminary so I obviously I couldn't seen the flames and wax pool. Though whenever I blow the candle out, the flames appeared high from above and there were no tunneling/canyoning issues that I could see.  The throw was pleasant, I'd describe as medium-strong as it did fill my living room without overwhelming; as much as I like pine scents, I don't think I could handle it if it was knock you out strong. Though I do wonder how much more strong would the throw have been if I burned it outside of the luminary? Hmmmm....

And now the scent. It is very easy to write this off as a generic Christmas tree scent and leave it at that; I did for years. But if you give it a really whiff, you'll see that the scent itself, like most Slatkin era scents, is more complex than you think. The prominent note is definitely the fir balsam, though it isn't as astringent and intense as Fresh Balsam. The mint note combined with birch note (which is already cool and mint-like in and of itself) calms and cools the balsam/pines note, making it less in your face piney and more fresh. Then lastly you have that bright vibrant spicy clove note that warms and brightens the entire blend up; to me, that clove kinda makes me think of sap/resin from branches and trunk. It's strange, there's a coolness like Fresh Balsam but at the same time there's a warmth and brightness. While Fresh Balsam makes me think of pine tree outside still in the ground and covered in snow, Evergreen is more like a Christmas tree that you brought inside and is waiting to be decorated. Even though it is a fresh/woodsy/outdoors scent, it's surprisingly cozy and inviting, which is why I like it way more that Fresh Balsam.

So yeah, like I said early, Evergreen is my new jam for Christmas and has joined the pantheon of my all time fav scents for that time of year.  That said, I cant imagine burning this anytime other than Christmas time. If you haven't tried this or you're on the fence, I highly recommend trying it next Christmas.


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