CANDLE SPOTLIGHT: Fresh Sparkling Snow

Products: candle (haven't used wf bulbs)
Area used in:  main bathroom
Time Period: December -

Description: A blend of sparkling sugarberries, holiday pear and icy melon evokes the magic of a winter wonder

So both the Fresh Sparkling Snow deep cleansing soap and pocketbac are my JAM! I have used and continue to use them both every winter religiously. I've prayed to the BBW gods to make a candle version of this scent; they keep releasing candles of whack lame ass Winter Candle Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel year after year after year, why not make one for FSS..a scent that actually smells good! Finally the gods answered my prayers and a candle of one of my fav winter scents was in my grasp. However my excitement wore off when I first sniffed it in the store. Don't get me wrong, it smelled like the soap..but something was off, different. My bf surprised me when he bought this during his $8 candle haul, so I decided to be open minded and give it a try.

It burns like a boss; high flames, medium-sized mushroom tops, full deep wax pool. The throw is killer; you get instant fragrance just takin off the lid; the cold throw practically punches you in the face. The warm throw will knock you out as well and it lingers forever.

And now the scent. As I stated earlier, it does smell like the soap but different. It's funny, I always wondered what exactly the notes were for FSS cuz I could never pinpoint them. And now we know - sugarberries, pear and melon. I smell mostly sugarberries...or rather what I presume sugarberries smell like. It smells like Sugarberry Spritzer from last spring sans the "spritzerness"; just an intense sugary wet dewy purple-y berry note. Pear...I guess? Melon...perhaps? Maybe honeydew? Melon is used a lot in watery type fragrances. And there is an unexplained iciness; a metholiness without smelling minty. Kind like the sensation of sniffing Vapor-rub or something like that.

Now a lot of people, myself included, have written this off as summery. Having burned it I still go back and forth. On the one hand, because it's based on a winter time scent and does have an iciness to it, I see it as a "winter" scent. However, there's no denying that it is blatantly and unabashedly fruity which we all associate with summer scents. The "watery" notes (pear and melon) make me think of scents like Island Waters/Sunrise Lagoon, Oceanside and Turquoise Waters/Sea Spray (all containing melon) while that "sugarberry" notes gives it a "summer drink" vibe, like Caribbean Escape or Palm Beach Cooler. In fact, I would describe this as a "winter" version of Caribbean Escape; Caribbean Escape is Anna and Fresh Sparkling Snow is Elsa

"The fruitiness never bothered me anyway!"

In conclusion, I'm not wowed by this scent at all. I don't know when I'd ever burn this again; so far it's been decoration in my blue-themed bathroom.  I'll just stick to the soap and pocketbac as per usual. If you're a sweet/candy/fruity lover, this scent will satisfy your sugarlust. But if you're like me and you like scents that are more intriguing, sophisticated and complex, leave this candle right on the shelf.



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