HOT MESS AWARD: Joy ~ Peppermint Marshmallow

Products: candle 
Area used in:  living room (weekends)
Time Period:Black Friday til New Years Day

Description: Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, which are full of holiday sweetness and peppermint joy

So I wanted to a good minty holiday scent other than Twisted Peppermint. Not too long ago I bought the absolutely delicious Mint Chocolate from '13 from Ebay at a reasonable price but I couldnt make myself burn cuz I wouldn't be able to get another one so easily and cheaply. That said I decided to give Joy a try instead. So I eventually brought back my The Original and exchanged it with Joy.

So E'RYBODY on social media has been complaining about this candle's dreadful performance. Unfortunately I must join the multitudes and complain about the craptasticness of this here candle. Look at this bullshittery!

This is by far one of these WORSE burning in BBW history; it's right up there with the infamous Blackberry Grapefruit and Mahogany Teakwood of '12. Puny stubby weak ass flames that leaves canyons of wax on the side. Finally after about 2-3 hours, it pooled out completely. And it does this without every single burn, very annoying! And there's no sense of bringing it back for another one becasue they all burn like crap. I do kinda enjoy the scent otherwise I would've brought it back to exchange for something else. The throw is just ok; it does manage to fill my living room eventually and lingers once blown out however this is one of those scents that wish could chokehold and knock me out.

So just based on name everybody (myself included) naturally and rightfully assumed that this would be a repackage of Marshmallow Peppermint from '11 . Alas it seems BBW decided to play a practical joke on all of us and instead created this blend of minty confusion. Why they decided to waste time, effort and money to create a new (sub-par) scent instead of bringing back a fan favorite that actually smells like what its supposed to is beyond me. It doesn't make sense to you nor to me but that's BBW for ya! First of all, it doesn't smell like marshmallow at all but more like a creamy vanilla frosting. It has the same generic vanilla frosting vibe as Frosted Cupcake/Buttercream Frosting/Vanilla Bean/Vanilla Bean Marshmallow. The mint is neither cool or fresh or menthol-y but very sweet - almost borderline Twisted Peppermint-ish. And lastly there is undertone of unexplained unmentioned cocoa that just decided to crash the party and hang out in the back like a wallflower. Altogether, the combo as a whole smells less like a peppermint flavored marshmallow and more like chocolate cupcake with an overwhelming dollop of mint flavored vanilla frosting. Think Buttercream Mint with Vanilla Bean and a dash of Mint Mocha Bark.

As a whole, it's not bad scent by any means; it's just not very exciting and wrongly named. It should not  have been called "a marshmallow" scent at all; it smells like friggin frosting!  Why release this instead of the original Marshmallow Peppermint?! And why throw random ass chocolate in the blend; in that case why not just release Mint Chocolate/Mint Mocha Bark or Peppermint Mocha or Dark Chocolate Mint instead? The scent just doesn't make sense; this is definitely a case of BBW catering to the mainstream shoppers and newbies who just don't know any better and bakery lovers who love anything sweet. For us hardcore BBWers, this is yet another wasted opportunity and one of many facepalm-worthy hot messes. At any rate, unless you're a diehard mint fan or bakery lover, leave this crap on the shelf. Otherwise buy at your own risk!


  1. I originally picked up this scent because I loved the underlying cocoa notes. I was so nervous to actually burn it and when I did, I was surprised that there were NO issues with pooling. There was an air pocket at one point though. However, I still consider Joy to be a hot mess since there was absolutely no throw. Now, on cold sniff the fragrance is so light I can barely pick up anything. So disappointing.

    1. People just cant win with this candle! Either it has a crappy burn with a decent throw or a perfect burn with no throw at all SMDH

  2. Mine has decent throw, and burned like Bronze's did, to about the half-way point, then straightened out. I'd buy a couple more, cause I really love it, and I not a basic bakery-loving bitch as a rule.. 👯👸👯

    Next one, I won't trim wicks @ start & see how it burns!

    1. Yeah I would recommend not trimming the wicks and just letting it burn on its own or maybe use the aluminum foil trick

  3. I did not trim my wicks in anticipation, and it still burned horribly unless I babied it. And I agree with Donovan, fragrance notes are absolutely meaningless in BBW, more so than any other fragrance company, period. But I am with you, I am not a die hard bakery note kind of gal and I usually prefer more complex, under appreciated fragrances but the cocoa note in this candle really calls to me.

    1. Yeah that cocoa was the only reason I likes this scent, otherwise I wouldve left it right on the shelf

  4. I totally disagree. Joy aka peppermint marshmallow is one of my favirite holiday candles.i had no problems with the burn or the strength of throw. Love it. Wish it wasnt so hard to get peppermint marshmallow (aka dear Santa i want a Unicorn or whatever its called this year)in stores long enough to get it on sale this year. Butterum eggnog is even harder to get here.


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