NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Summer Country Fair Collection

So you know how in the spring/summer there is summer themed home fragrance line. In the past there has been a beach line, a summer boardwalk line and a summer lake line. Well next time how about a country fair line, inspired by y'know, being at fair. Like something out of Charlotte's Web. Call it "The Blue Ribbon County Fair"...or something like that. Hear me out...

So BBW could bring back scents like...
Caramel Apple (but do something with that nutmeg note so that it actually smells like a caramel apple)
Or even Winter Candy Apple (I never really understood why that was considered a winter scent in the first place)
Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts
Cotton Candy
Lime Ice
Summer Watermelon
Market Peach

There are so many scents to play around with...
A nice simple bakery scent....Funnel Cake! Tell me that would not be good!

Or a warm fruity flaky pie scent. Maybe apple (and not a repackage of Apple Crumble or Cider Donuts) or blackberry (and not Blackberry Spice)

A lemonade scent would be nice...and no, not that Watermelon Lemonade mess. Or Pomegranate Lemonade/Pink Sangria. Just a straight Limoncello-esque like lemonade scent. Maybe even add strawberry to the mix.

*sigh Y'all can even repackage/repackage with a twist some stuff, as long as it is something reasonable and works...
Bring back Strawberry/Garden Strawberry but call it Strawberry Jam or Homemade Strawberry Preserves (cuz it does smell more like jam than actual fruit)
Bring back Toffee Glazed Popcorn but work on it actually having a scent
Pumpkin Caramel Latte, add in a pecan note and call it "Praline Candy" (pralines were a one point listed in the notes)
London Calling and call it "Ice Lemon Tea"..cuz that's really what it smells like

and for the non-foodie/gourmand lovers, have fresh scents like
Green Grass but call it something like "Country Picnic" or "Garden Picnic"
a "fresh air" scent would be nice..and no not Eucalyptus Mint&Rain or Renew & Refresh. Maybe melon with cucumber, maybe some mint, a little freesia or lilac or even lavender. A little bit of cedar perhaps. Or maybe some citrus, maybe verbena. Call it "Country Breeze" or "Summer Breeze"

And the pièce de résistance, have one main candle that captures the whole theme of the collection: call it "County Fair" or "State Fair". It could be a sister to Summer Boardwalk. It could be simply fruit medley type candle..some apples, some lemons, some berries and some peaches. Or it could be combined treats similar to Summer Boardwalk..popcorn, candy apples, etc. Or it could be more confectionary - pies, shortcakes,funnels cake, doughnuts.

Just something to think about....


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