RANT OF THE DAY: Mahogany Madness

Ok so there's Mahogany Balsam, then Mahogany Coconut, then Mahogany Apple...and you thought BBW had reached it's peak of wtf-ery with Mahogany Peach but nope...there's one more to add to the list. BEHOLD!

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Oh yes my friends, you've read right and your eyes are not deceiving you... 

Mahogany f***ing COTTON!!!

I've already gotten word from candle buddies who have seen the actual candle and that it smells just as awful as it sounds - Pure White Cotton mixed with Mahogany Stankwood. Why lord Jeezuz WHY?!

Seriously BBW, are you guys just going down the list of notes that to add to the MT formula?

Ok I get MT is your "top seller"..lord knows anytime I mention my disdain for this damn scent on social media, teenybopper sales associates come out of the woodwork to remind that it's their number one scent and they all end their rebuttal with the same lame line "just because you don't like it doesn't mean that others shouldn't" And for the record, it's not that I don't like it; I had one years not too long after it first came out way before all the hype and I thought it was ok. My problem is we see it too much; there's one in every single collection all year round every single season. And now there are two different versions of MT in the core collection! And call me crazy I don't see any difference between the regular MT and the "high intensity" MT.... and why does MT get to be intensified?! Should ALL BBW's candles be intense?!

At any rate, I guarantee you for every bored housewife and college teenybopper that buys MT there are that many people who actively dislike it for the same reason I did - we see it too much!

Then to add insult to injury, to capitalize on MT's supposed popularity and success, these Mahogany monstrosities which all smell like some other candle doused in Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce cologne...OK I admit, I do love me some Mahogany Coconut (of all things) but the others can kindly kick rocks posthaste!

Now if McDonalds decided to experiment and added a slice of pepperoni pizza in their Big Mac, everyone would be like "ummm, dafuq?!" RIGHT? Well how the hell are the mahogany mixes any damn different?

And BBW, it's not like y'all are capable of newness and creating some truly unique blends - Autumn Sunshine...Winter Mint & Spruce... and the mack daddy grand slam homerun yass queen one of the all... BLACK TEA ROSE...quite possibly the most different, unique, sophisticated, elegant, high end fragrances to come out of BBW in years! And then y'all come around and make this damn travesty..really BBW?

Are y'all really that afraid of scaring of the basic bitches of America and that y'all feel compelled to churn out as many MT and MT-esque facsimiles as y'all possibly can to entice them to stay? Do y'all really and truly think these mahogany monstrosities is gonna keep y'all in business?

Keep Mahogany Stankwood in the core line year and move the f*** ON! Stop adding random ass notes to this damn candle! These mahogany blends are not doing yall any favors; contrary to what you may think, your mahogany doesn't bring all the boys to the yard!

And cotton? Really? How does that go with mahogany? Then again, how does balsam or coconut or apple and especially peach go? Oh yeah that's right, IT DOESN'T!!!




  1. Awesome, love your thoughts on this! I stumbled on your page because I did a google search for "White Barn black tea rose the original." The Original ended up being my all time biggest candle obsession ever, but by the time I realized this, the scent was gone, never to be seen since that I know of. Now I have my btr wf and every time I get a whiff of it I think...is that The Original? It's so dang close, not exact, but very close and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one picking up on that. Sophisticated, layered, mysterious, earthy, green, woodsy, clean. I must get my hands on the candle and see if it is truly a repackage of The Original. If so, everyone better get theirs now, because if it is, I'm buying ALL the btr candles in the world! Lol!

  2. Hi there!

    I'm glad you found me and thank you for taking time to read what I had to say.

    I am afraid that I have to burst your bubble...Black Tea Rose is NOT a repackage of The Original. They have a similar vibe and share similar notes, mainly peppercorn and cedar but that's where the similarities ends. The Original does not have the greeniness and astringency of tea leaves nor that dewy blast of rose that Black Tea Rose has

    Also The Original was brought back...this winter to be exact. It was renamed "Winter Cedar". The cedar note is a bit drier and it isn't as heavy on the peppercorn, but otherwise it was essentially the same

  3. You're so right, I went to my WB store yesterday and was able to sniff the BTR candle. Not The Original, and to my nose, different from the BTR wf, which I still think is very similar to The Original. I have the Winter Cedar candle and I do smell a slight similarity to The Original, to me it's not as close as the BTR wf. I will keep crossing my fingers that one day soon, The original "The Original", will be back. See what I did there? Keep up the great reviews!


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