WALK 'N'' SNIFF: Spring 2017 Scents

So my bf and I..well more my bf than me really...had a case of cabin fever. He suggested we go to an outlet mall nearby since we hadn't go there in awhile. And the fact that this outlet mall did indeed have a BBW my bf used as further incentive to go. So we get there and my expectations are quite; all of the other BBW stores that I had been too prior were fruitless and disappointing. However much to both of our surprise, this store had NEWNESS!!!

The store had everything except Lily of the Valley (meh), Black Tea Rose (boo), Mahogany Peach (blegghh) Spring Balsam (ugh), Seasalt Pineapple and Tomato Vine

Ok so let's start with the remainder of the WB core collection; I talk about a few of them in my SAS WALK N SNIFF 

Orange Blossom & Driftwood - so I had zero interest in this whatsoever as the name and notes didn't appeal to me at all; I'm not a huge fan of orange based scents and I am extremely over BBW's overuse of "driftwood". However my bf picked it up and instantly liked it..which was a sign for me to give a sniff as he is not easily impressed. I was pleasantly surprised. So right off the bat it reminds me a lot of Summer Bonfire..not a repackage though! They both share the same sea salty woodsy base note. However unlike SB and unlike what the name suggests, don't get orange blossom so much as you get actual orange. It actually smells like a melange of orangey notes - there's regular fresh juicy orange, the same "cologney" bergamot common in BBW's "cologney" scents and I also get a slight hint of metallic neroli a la Sea to Santorini/Freshwater & Seasalt. The orange melange blends very nicely with the driftwood (possibly some sandalwood as well) and there's sea saltiness that kinda freshens the blend. All in all, it's a very pleasant scent worth sniffing.

Spring Leaves - W...T...F...?!!!! When I first heard the notes for this scent and what folks said it smelled, I was astounded,  flabbergasted, discombobulated even. But having sniffed it, alas it's true...straightup repcakage with a twist of...LEAVES! It's been watered down and that musky nectar note has been taken out but otherwise it's the same..well somewhere between Leaves and Spiced Apple Toddy. How the f***  is this a damn spring sent?! Just because you put "spring" on the label"?! BBW , GTFOH with this stupidity!

OK now the marble sticker collection..which I do not understand wtf this collection is supposed to be or represent and I don't think BBW knows either

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla - same scent fro the Taco Bell Collection..instead of calling them Cinnamon Churros cuz that's too ethnic for the basic bitches of America, they called it Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla. It's basically the original Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts sans the grease. Why BBW saw fit to put this in this collection is beyond but (*cough cough basic) people are losin their shit over it so what do I know...

Copper Coconut - there's really not much to say about this one, it's just straightup coconut. It kinda smells like the coconut note that's in Mahogany Coconut . It's coconut meat slightly sweetened with a vanilla or tonka bean note and you do get a bit of a warmth from the amber. It's not exciting nor is it impressive, it's just coconut

Bergamot Mint -  so backintheday there was a pocketbac called Nectarine Mint as well as a candle back in the Slatkin days..no clue if this is the same. Anyway the name and notes sound intriguing the actual scent..not so much. It's Eucalyptus Mint with orange; it kinda smells like a mix of Eucalyptus Mint mixed with  Sea to Santorini/Freshwater & Sea Salt.

Mineral Spring - I realized that I didn't sniff this scent. I didn't even notice it was there despite it being right in my face. It wasn't until I posted a pic on Instagram that I spotted it. Next time I'm at BBW again I'll have to make it a point to find it and sniff it so I can review it

Now onto the Fresh Market collection..although I think the name of this collection is "Refresh" or something like that

Georgia Peach - is it me or has this scent been revamped? Market Peach has always smelled like gross over-ripe mushy peaches but this version smells more crisp and fresh. Perhaps my nose was playing tricks on me. It's still a very artificial peach scent but it doesn't smell as gross and rotten and armpit-y as it used to

Honey & Tangerine - as far as I can tell, this is a completely new scent but honestly, it's not very exciting. First of all this is soooooo light; you have to really huff to get any fragrance. And it's remarkably creamy but don't really know why or how. The top note is intense honey, like a floral honey blend like clover honey or orange blossom honey. Then there's a splash of sweet juicy (orange Life-saver) tangerine but it's completely overpowered by the honey. And hangin out in the background is very faint hint of spice like clove, maybe a hit of cardamom

NOTE: Many have said that it smells like Warm Milk & Honey and I can see the similiarity. However one lone voice may have solved the mystery of what this could be a repackage of - Aromtherapy Optimism. I can't agree or disagree as this was way before my time as a BBW'er

Wild Sage and Aloe - so I'm pleased to report this is the same WS&A from the desert/Southwest collection albeit ever so slightly lighter. It is a little on the cologney side, like an unisex body spray. You get a fresh cooling sort of vibe from the aloe along with a heady earthy sage note..but not the dried smudging bundle that's burned to clear bad mojo but the fresh almost velvety leaves. I get a hint of something else earthy in the blend - vetiver perhaps? The new notes mention black oak...I don't know about that. And there's an unmentioned citrisiness, like a lemon peel that sort  of perks up and lightens the blend. Forll anti-cologney haters, don't worry.. this isn't offensive and you might actually find yourselves liking it as it has a lot to offer - it's fresh and clean, a little earthy and just a touch masculine

Sugared Lemon Zest - so contrary to what you might think, this isn't the very over-rated and over-released Limoncello; this is a straightup repacakge of Lemon Drops from the Sweet Shop collection..which I believe for whatever reason the mason jar went wide and not the 3wick. It basically smells exactly like Lemonheads 

Praline Pecans - repackage of Pecan Pumpkin Waffles/Praline Pecan Cobbler/Candied Pecans....NEXT!

And now finally the "lattice" collection

Blue Sage & Sandalwood - so this scent is kinda throwin me for a loop. At first glance, the notes sounded suspiciously like Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods..nope. Then I thought maybe Sage and Cedar aka Black Tie..again, nope. It smells so friggin familiar but I can't put my finger on it. So right off the bat, it is a cologney scent. It's the same cologney bergamot that BBW uses all the time. You also get a strangely cohesive blend of sage and lavender that together has a very very fresh uplifting outdoors in the spring feel to it. I really like but I do have to sniff it again to figure out what it smells like

ADDENDUM: I think this may be the 2014 failed Destination candle Magnificent Milan which had basically the exact same notes.

White Tea & Pear - I was really excited about this one. First of all, I LOVE pear scents and secondly I was hoping this would be the grand return of one of Slatkin grand slam top classics Green Tea & White Pear which I unfortunately don't really remember scent-wise. Sadly I was quite disappointed with what I smelled..Sparkling Pear Riesling.  And I kept sniffing and resniffing hoping I was wrong, but nope that's what I smelled - Sparkling Pear Riesling without the sparkle. I get the same pear note but without the brightness and effervescence. There's a hint of citrusiness with a light almost floral aspect that I suppose could be "white tea". I'm truly hoping that there's a second batch that actually smells like GT&WP

Sweet Cherry Pie - this seems to be the runaway hit of this collection..and I don't know why. If you're expecting this to smell like an actual cherry pie, you're gonna be quite disappointed. It basically smells like Black Cherry Merlot mixed with Warm Apple Pie. You get the same sweet artificial Ludens Cherry cough drop note from BCM sans the red wine/muscadine grape note with the faint buttery pastry/crust note from WAP. It also has that same sweet syrupy canned fruit vibe/pie filling vibe that WAP has. Not at fan of this at all!

NOTE: Many people are saying that this smells so much better once lit and that the cherry note becomes less BCM smelling but have said it still smells like BCM. If you want to gamble, go for it!


  1. Yay for Sugared Lemon Zest!!! I was kind of hoping that might be Lemon Drops repackaged, I liked that one.

  2. These scents are boggling my brain! Mahogany Peach??? Copper Coconut??? I'll just go sit in the corner and rock back & forth while I hug my last Winter LOL!

  3. When you mention the Nectarine Mint, are you sure you don't mean Bergamot Mint? I haven't been able to find a Nectarine Mint, and the candle in the marble collection is Bergamot Mint. I just bought the Bergamot Mint and it really does smell almost exactly like Eucalyptus Mint.


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