As is customary for the Boxing Day/day after Christmas, my BF and I made our way to the mall to get our post-Christmas shopping on. And of course, as it was the official first day of SAS, we had to peep in White Barn to see what was good. We actually went to two WB; the first one didn't have jackshit and was both very picked over and understocked while the second one had an abundance of goodies..although nothing (fragrance-wise) for 75% off. The 2nd WB  had all of the new Aromatherapy candles (10.00), all the Let's Get Away Candles (15.50), a few of the new WB Core candles (full price..24.50...yikes!) and a slew of fall leftovers

Ok, so first let me get the WALK N SNIFF portion of newness I sniffed outta the way...

Eucalyptus Tea - already did a review from the random online test version

Black Chamomile - this seems to be the runaway hit of the revamped Aromatherapy collection...and I don't really know why. I've never ever used the Sleep/Detox bodywash/lotion  so I can't say if this gets high marks for accuracy. As much as I hate describing scents this way, to me it kinda smells like an unisex cologne. There's a dry powdery herbaliness from the chamomile and then you get an dry earthiness from the charcoal..or rather burnt bamboo (bamboo charcoal is known for its soothing and detoxifying properties). I feel like there are some other earthy and heady notes involved that adds to the "unisex cologne" vibe of this candle - tobacco maybe or vetiver. It's a very calm, soothing, relaxing scent- a perfect bubble bath/yoga/massage candle.

Sandalwood Fig - this was a bodycare only scent in the Aromatherapy line (2012 maybe or 2011..I can't remember). This smells pretty much they way you think it would with those two notes combined - very rich, smooth, sweet, creamy and heady with a hint of woodiness. The blend smells almost tropical; there's some notes they're leaving out - guava or passionfruit maybe? That said this smells so familiar; it smells like some tropical summer scent that's been around recently but for the life of me, I can't think of what it is

Eucalyptus Tangerine - this smells EXACTLY the way you think it would - Eucalyptus Mint with the mint toned down and a splash of sweet citrusiness

Lemon Zest - the bodywash is my JAM in the summertime and backintheday there was a candle  but they stopped selling it and it was super expensive on Evilbay, so I'm super excited the 3wick is back in action. It smells like a juicy freshly cut lemon; neither candy or cleaner. If like me you love lemon scents but are over Limoncello and Lemon Verbena, then this bud's for you

Iced Balsam - I was excited to see this as a)there was some buzz about this on social media and b)for the most part, this is the only candle in this collection to be making the most appearances nationwide. Don't get too excited...real talk, I was not expecting at all what I smelled...barnyard. It smells like moldy wet hay that was peed on by sweaty horses. REPULSIVE!

NOTE: There are two versions of the scent - this new one in the silver glass and the original test version in the blue glass that smells more true to the notes

Beach Blossom - so the notes for this sound more exotic than it actually smells. Think a more feminine perfumey version of Oceanside  - there's a wet melon like base note, a hint of citrus and a heavy blast of dewy powdery floral action...can't say whether or not it's "lotus"..peony maybe? It's very underwhelming and unnecessary 

Lavender Coconut - at first glance, it's very easy to write this off as Lavender Marshmallow or Lavender Macaron....it's not, but very similar. LC isn't as sweet and the lavender note is much more potent and astringent. And there is an actual coconut note which you would think (like I originally thought) would not go together but the two actually blend together nicely. There's a creamy note that they aren't mentioning - tonka bean maybe, perhaps a hint of sandalwood. If I had to describe it on a simple basic level, I would say it smells like Lavender Macaron with an amped up lavender note and a hint of coconut meat/flakes in the background. Both and my bf were both genuinely surprised how much we both liked it. I will be getting one once it's on sale

And now the haul which was small and desperate. From both stores my bf and I both got....

  • a Winter room spray
  • a Tis the Season room spray
  • a Twisted Peppermint room spray
  • a Lavender Vanilla pillow mist
  • a Pumpkin Fireside 3wick (there was one all by itself)
  • a Pumpkin Fireside wf bulb
  • a Black Pepper Bergamot wf bulb
  • a Caribbean Salsa wf bulb
  • a Bartlett Pear wf bulb
  • Pink Sangria wf bulb
  • a mini Xmas tree (75%)
  • 6 glittery snowflake tree ornaments (75%)
I might hit up a few BBW stores this week but honestly I'm underwhelmed and probably won't buy any candles til all of the spring stuff is out


  1. Thanks, I will be stopping by to smell Lemon Zest. Think I will pass on Iced Balsam though- "moldy wet hay that was peed on by sweaty horses" LOL, no thanks!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am so glad to know that someone else thinks Balsam kind of smells like pee. :D

    Can't wait for Tomato Vine.


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