WALK 'N' SNIFF: "Leafy" and "Marbley" Collections

I was out running errands and stopped by Starbucks to get my first PSL of the season (cuz in my mind fall has officially started) and BBW was right down the street so I decided to see if they had anything new. Sure enough they had all 5 of the mercury modpodge candles. And much to my surprise (and indifference) they had all of the marble candles as well...

Heirloom Apple - *said in my best Linda Richman Coffee Tawk voice "Heirloom Apple" is neither an heirloom or an apple, discuss!" I get straightup green pear...more to the point, I get a pear that is extremely similar to Prickly Pear Sugarcane. It's smells like PPSC with a basic generic marshmallow...which first of all, enough with the friggin marshmallow already! Secondly, wtf does marshmallow have to do with heirloom apples?! I guess in BBW's world, heirloom apples smell like Laffy Taffy-esque candy. Overall this scent is mediocre at best and totally misnamed

Caramel Woods - again..yet another candle with an overused oversaturated frangrance note to appease the basic bitches of America. Much in the same way I was indifferent to Heirloom Apple because
of that marshmallow note, I am indifferent to CW because of the caramel. Now everyone and their grandma has been saying that it's an unbashed straightup repackage of Salted/Salty Caramel..and I can definitely see why they would say that. However they are all WRONG! It is NOT Salted/Salty Caramel..at least not exactly. CW has the base notes of SC with extra stuff. Take SC, remove the salt and the nuttiness and add a slight hint of oak and possibly mahogany and you have CW. Very unnecessary scent!

Autumn Sky - ...... next!

Leaves - why is Leaves in two different collections? BBW has been doing that for years and I never understood why.

Chestnut & Clove - Attention BBW...Chestnut & Clove is not a fall scent. I repeat...CHESTNUT & CLOVE IS NOT A FALL SCENT!!!

Moving right along to the Marble collection..

Woodland Forest - when I heard there was a non basic bitchy non-bakery non-spiced outdoorsy woodsy grassy scent, I was ever so slightly intrigued...until I smelled it. Typically I tend to enjoy scents of this nature but I wasn't really feeling this one. It does smell woodsy and grassy and treebark-y with maybe a little bit of moss but underneath that is a distinct cologney bergamot note..which again, I typically like but the combination just didn't appeal to me. WF is a little bipolar - is it a cologney scent or it an outdoors scent? It doesn't know and neither do I.

Bergamot Waters - BBW has a really bad habit of desperately pushing scents into seasons where they don't belong. I admit, I fell for the hype when they repackaged this as "Lakeside Sunrise" last fall (though I ended up bring it back to the store to exchange). That said, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. BW IS NOT/NEVER HAS BEEN/NEVER WILL BE A FALL SCENT! Furthermore, please stop trying to make BW a thing, it ain't all that...let it die and fade into obscurity!

Spiced Vanilla Marshmallow - so you have a forest themed collection that's supposed to be high end and fancy with sophisticated woodsy blends...and that said, you decide to add Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow to the mix... Really BBW, really?!

Harvest Gathering smells the same, albeit a little sweeter. Mahogany Stankwood, like a cold sore, is back despite no one wanting it back. And my bae, Black Pepper Bergamot is back but smells as watered down as the spring WB core version.

As a whole, both collections are a bust and a completewaste of time and effort. Agin, here is BBW catering to basic bitches and putting more emphasis on the look of the candles instead of the scents themselves.

Just warning yall out there, for those of you interested in the leafy candles, they look much prettier online than they do in person. In real life, they look very cheap and borderline tacky.

And the marbley collection... the scents are random at best and don't fit the woodlandtheme at all, there are no lids despite everyone complaining about lidless candles, they have less wax and the burn time is still short as hell...yet they're priced at $29.50 for the sole reason that the tumblers are shrinkwrapped in marble casing, probably from images they searched for on Google. BBW..real talk..GTFOH with that nonsense!


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