NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Leafy and Marbley Collection (and what I'd replace em with)

Ok, can we all agree that both of these collections are random as f***?! Seriously, what was the thought process of picking scents to put in these two collections? Was there a thought process at all cuz it sure as hell doesn't seem like it. Just random ass scents thrown together all higgledy-piggledy and helther skelter. Any sense of cohesiveness and flow was thrown completely out of the window. And to distract folks from realizing how basic the chosen scents were, they gilded the proverbial lily with mercury decopage and faux marble glass. And speaking of marble further add insult to injury, BBW has the sheer audacity and unmitigated gall to charge 29.50...

Let's talk about the leafy candles... So Heirloom Apple smells like pear candy, Caramel Woods is basically Salted Caramel without oak instead of salt, Leaves is already in another collection, Autumn Sky is lame as hell and Chestnut & Clove is lovely, it is not/never has been/never will be a fall scent. Here is what they should've done instead...

They should've taken these 5 scents out of their respective collections and put them together instead. It just makes sense; the collection is supposed to be classy scents that captures the very essence of fall..what better scents that does that than these?! These are all classic fall scents that everyone loves and adores - why not put them altogether in a package deal? This autumnal quintet could've served as a tribute to not just fall but to Slatkin's genius - some throwback nostalgia!

Or could've taken some one hit wonders from backintheday and given them all a second chance...

Applewood Bonfire instead of Heirloom Apple
Mountain Leaves instead of Autumn Sky
Lavender Caramel instead of Caramel Woods
Apple Garland instead of Leaves
Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath instead of Chestnut & Clove

They're all fall scents with an outdoorsy vibe that just fit better than the ones BBW chose

And now the marble collection...sigh

This is probably the most random boring underwhelming uninspired collection in the history of BBW. With the exception of Black Pepper Bergamot, BBW chose the most lamest overused oversaturated scents ever. This collection is supposed to be high-end and elegant and sophisticated..the scents they chose are anything but. And the one new scent in the bunch isn't all that great.  Here's what they've should've chosen instead...

Black Pepper Bergamot can stay, of course!
Porchside Pumpkin instead of Harvest Gathering
Forest Trail instead of Woodland Forest
Bonfire Maplewood inStead of Spiced Vanilla Marshmallow
Boathouse Row instead of Bergamot Waters
The original Tailgate instead of Mahogany Stankwood

Again, these just make more sense. They're all fall scents, they're all outdoorsy, they're all high-end, and they're all one hit wonders deserving of a second chance.

Come the eff on BBW, y'all have to get y'alls proverbial s*** together, like NOW!


  1. Agree with all of this, especially the leaf collection replacements! And bonus points for Latrice 🙌

  2. couldn't agree more. Thanks for the laughs also!

  3. Ummm... Your collection I would buy the hell out of.. There's... Pass!


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