NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: White Barn Core Collection (and what I'd replace em with)


The new White Barn Core hot MESS!!! It's just random ass scents thrown together haphazardly with absolutely thought or reason behind them. Seriously BBW/LBrand, did y'all really sit and think about these scents, truly think? Did you draw lots and picked random scents written on a piece of paper out of a fishbowl? Or did yall tack scents on a wall and play pin the tail on the candle? I refuse to believe that y'all with clear mind and conscious sat around and rationally thought of all these random scents in this collection. As usual, I have a better solution with LOGICAL choices that would've made this collection the bombdiggity!

Mahogany Coconut - This scent is surprisingly nice but kinda unnecessary. And it's already in the Destination collection, why does it have to be in the core collection as well?

REPLACEMENT: Coconut Lime Verbena - this scent hasn't been around in home fragrance form in ages! And seeing as though Key Lime Pie isn't going wide, we need a good lime scent - you'd be killing two birds with one stone

Coconut Sandalwood - Really bitches?! Two goddamn muthaeffin coconut and wood candles in the same damn collection?!!! Plus Mahogany Coconut already has sandalwood in it! Honestly what is the friggin point of this?!!!

REPLACEMENT: Coconut Water - again another coconut scent that hasn't seen the light of day in years. It's a perfect blend of coconut and tropical fruit. Release this and I guarantee y'all will have everyone going "coco"-nuts!

Georgia Peach: if this isn't one of the most basic and over-rated scents in the history of BBW, then I dunno what is! And adding "Georgia" doesn't make it any more enticing and it's an insult to Georgia

REPLACEMENT: Nectarine Green Tea - this was such a beautiful, juicy and refreshing scent. We hardly ever get green tea scents with BBW and to have it blended with with sweet and juicy nectarine was perfection. It's a perfect late spring/summer candle.

OR: Peachy Tea - for the scent wimps who are scared of green tea notes, here's a safer alternative. Most people (myself included) find the peach notes in MP too intense and it can get a little mushy and moldy smelling if not straightup chemical. The peach in PT is more fresh yet subdued and is blend with a nice Darjeeling black tea. For the peach lovers and London Calling/Southern Sweet Tea fans, this scent would be perfect!

Sweater Weather - Really BBW, REALLY?! Seriously, what made y'all think that SW would be a good choice for this collection? It's bad enough y'all brought it back for Christmas but now it's a friggin spring scent?!

REPLACEMENT: Renew & Refresh - DUH!!!!

Sundrenched Vineyard - Why, just why?! Justify and defend this scent all you want, it's a fall scent - Cranberry Woods 2.0

REPLACEMENT: Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade - this scent was wonderful. It's the ONLY strawberry that y'all have managed to get right so utilize it!

OR: Woodland Berries - if you guys are so hell bent on having a wine scent, at least have a scent actually SMELLS LIKE WINE!

Wine Cellar - Why all of a sudden are you guys are soooo obsessed with this scent?! First of all, it doesn't smell like wine at all and IT ISN'T A FRIGGIN SPRING SCENT!

REPLACEMENT: Cherry Blossom Sangria - come on, this scent was the bombdiggity!

OR Pink Sangria - come on, we haven't seen this scent in years! Besides what do people actually drink more in spring and summer, mulled wine or sangria?!

Japanese Cherry Blossoms - no comment

REPLACEMENT: Garden Party - come the eff on BBW, this was the best floral (rose) scents y'all ever made, second only to Flower Shop! People went nuts over it...why the hell have y'all not brought this back. I guarantee you more people like Garden Party than Japanese Cherry Blossoms..please get rid of that shit please and thanks!

Cashmere & Oak - I haven't smelled this yet and by all accounts it smells amazing but it just doesn't sound very springy/summery

REPLACEMENT: Boathouse Row - again, come the eff on BBW! This was one the best scent in the entire Lakeside collection and one of the best cologney scents in BBW history, second only to my bae Black Pepper Bergamot !

Midnight Blue Citrus - so it seems WB pulled another "The Original" on us; gave us a candle with a super intriguing and mysterious name only for it smell very unexpected and disappointing

REPLACEMENT: Verbena Waters - Instead of wasting your money and our time coming up with a crappy new scent, just bring back and old classic. Verbena Waters is A-mazing! Perfect for spring ad a good transitional into summer. This scent has everything - freshness, fruit, woods, musk..everything Midnight Blue Citrus should be like.

OR: Lemon Verbena - ya gotta have a lemon scent for spring and summer. Ya'll kept French Lavender, why not keep Lemon Verbena?

Suncrisp Apple - really, BBW, really? Again, you push Farmstand Apple in our faces in a season where it does't belong!

REPLACEMENT: Gingham Apple - you guys already had an apple scent for spring...friggin USE IT!!!

OR: Drenched Apple Blossom - this was spring in a jar! Fuji apples, pink lotus and rain-soaked leaves...tell me that doesn't both amazing and spring-ish!

Bergamot Waters - ugh, just ugh

REPLACEMENT: Turquoise Waters - this is a much more appropriate watery/oceany scent than BW

OR: Island Waters - another amazing and more appropriate watery/oceany scent

Newsflash BBW, this core collection should've be a group of spring or spring to summer transitional scents. There are sooooo many scent that y'all could've included....

Garden Freesia
Bloom/First Bloom
Fresh Picked Cherries
Cucumber Melon
White Citrus
Pineapple Orchid
Orchard Petal
Southern Magnolia
Tuscan Herbs
Garden Mint



  1. Garden Party please return to me!! PLEASE!! I'll take 15 of drenched apple blossom and 10 of any tea scent besides London calling... Give us more tea!! Tea is hot, it's trending... Give it to us!!

  2. LOL dying at "And adding "Georgia" doesn't make it any more enticing and it's an insult to Georgia"
    I wish they would bring back Strawberry Rhubarb Marmalade too... it was so good. All I bought this spring so far is Blueberries & Cream and Mocha Latte Swirl

  3. I don't agree about the midnight blue citrus, I think it's an amazing scent! But it really is the only good one out of the bunch this year.

    1. We're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. You don't agree on my opinion and I certainly don't agree with yours. And thats ok :)


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