SHOP 'N' GO: January SAS '16 Haul

Well lets start at the very it is a good place to start....

Haul 1: 12/26 BBW (Paramus Park)

My bf and I were heading to WB in GSP however the traffic was horrendous and backed up for miles so we opted to go to nearby Parasmus Park Mall instead. So we get to BBW and it was utter pandemonium. Little girls running all over place high on body lotion fumes, little boys playing with pocketbacs, housewives knocking down body spray was just too much. On top of all of that the store didn't have anything good. So what I wanted and hightailed it outta there. I bought...
  • 5 Coastal Sun wf bulbs
  • 3 Bowties & Bourbon wf bulbs
= $25.68

Haul 2: 12/27 White Barn (Rockaway Township)

Since GSP and surrounding stores are closed on Sundays, my bf decided to try out the newer WB in RT. Besides a few hidden (though not very exciting) gems and a couple of Taco Bell candles (at full price), there was nothing exciting to be seen. I left with a pretty desperate haul...
  • 1 Leaves wf bulb
  • 1 Winter 3wick
  • 1Coastal Sun 3wick
  • 1 Bowties & Bourbon 3wick
=  $25.15

Haul 3: 12/29 BBW (Newport Center)

I decided to check out the BBW nearest to me and see what they had....which was nothing. The store was picked over and very bare. It did have the infamous Snowed In candles aka White Winter Petals but it was so not interested. I didn't wanna leave empty-handed so I bought a few wf bulbs... 
  • 4 Welcome ~ Spiced Autumn Wreath wf bulbs
= $14.49

Haul 4 same day BBW (Park Ave)

Immediately after, I went to the BBW in the City. Again, nothing exciting - just leftover winter stuff. I was on the lookout for a specific and this was the only store in my area that wound up having it...
  • 1 Paris ~ Pink Champagne 3wick
= $12.25

Haul 5: 1/4 BBW (Lexington Ave)

So I was in the City to meet a friend for a drink and since I was in the area and had time to kill, I decided to check out the other BBW. Again, nothing exciting, just leftover winter stuff. I made an online order when the wf bulbs first went down to $3 but part of it was cancelled. That said, I was on the lookout for the wf bulbs that online store ran out of... 
  • 1 Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods wf bulb
  • 1 Cranberry Pear Bellini wf bulb
  • 3 Thankful ~ Chestnut &Clove 

Haul 6: 1/5 BBW (Park Ave)

Since I couldn't find the Peace candle anywhere I decided I'd buy some wf bulbs of it since I was in the area...
  • 2 Peace wf bulb

Haul 7: Online (arrival 1/5)

So the first week of SAS, I made this online order...
  • 1 Beach Cabana 2pack
  • 1 Island Colada 2pack
  • 1 Cedarwood & Sage Stress Relief Aromatherapy lotion

Haul 8: Online (arrival 1/6)

A day or so later, I made this order; this was the order I referenced to earlier where part of it was cancelled...
  • 5 Alpine Cheer wf bulbs
  • 2 Peace wf bulbs
  • 1 Welcome bulb
= $26.31


So I was chatting with a candle buddy of mine on IG and bemoaning the fact that none of my stores had any home fragrance for 75% off, particularly Pumpkin Gingerbread which so many people were finding but of course not me. He graciously sold me some for $4!
  • 2 Pumpkin Gingerbread 3wicks
  • 1 Tequila Lime Cupcake 3wick

Well ladies and gentlemen, that is it for me. No mas!!! I'm not gonna let FOMO get the best of me this week. I'm just gonna sit here and patiently wait for the Spring stuff to come out!


  1. Ahhhhh Rockaway is my home store!

    I've been so lucky there in previous SAS but found NOTHING. Everything was a bust. I even tried Willowbrook and it was all meh

    Saving my money for some of the spring candles when they go on sale. Hoping the Lavender Macaron goes wide. Then saving for the next SAS

    1. Yeah Newport was very disappointing. And yes Lavender Macaron is going wide, it's online. It seems to be a very polarizing scent; some people love it while others are over over it and underwhelmed

  2. Newport is your closest store? I go there all the time as I live not too far away either. Technically it's my home store. I actually did well there on 12/30. As i'm finishing up college, I've never gotten the chance to try Sweater Weather in 3-Wick, even though I've obsessed with it for 3 years. We're technically not allowed to have candles in our apartments and I don't exactly trust my roommates around them. Anyway, I was really hoping I would find one but I found the last one in that stupid Holiday Traditions packaging (not appropriate for holiday release imo) and regardless I was so happy. I feel like other versions are better throw wise, but I'm so glad I snatched it. I was also ready to pick up a Fireside in the 2014 packaging even though I saw the pour date was 2015 until at the register someone had set aside a "The Original" candle and the sales associate said no one claimed it and it was on my list! It has a snowflake lid but I don't care. Newport's candles were a mess. I needed up with a "Dashing Through The Snow" lid for my "Sweater Weather" and a "Holiday" lid for my "The Original". I also got some wallflower two packs and soaps there. They still have a crap ton of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles there. Can't get rid of it. I also noticed those Snowed In candles and almost bought one without even smelling it until I got "The Original". So disappointing.

    I also went to Willowbrook the first day of the sale and it was an utter disaster. Didn't pick up a single thing from either of the TWO stores and the lines were madness. There was nothing there to use a $10 off $40 for at all.

    Since you're close to Newport, have you been to the Hudson Mall store on the other side of JC? It's in a much less posh area, but it's worth the trip, especially if you want to do grocery shopping at Acme down the road or go to Big Lots, Marshalls, or Lowe's. Smaller store but always has a great selection and the sweetest staff ever. Also, I went to the City Place store in Edgewater. Smallest BBW I've ever been to but had tons of old wallflowers, 4 oz tester candles, and lots of fall 3-wicks from the Thanksgiving and Pumpkin lines.

    I miss the old days of Semi-Annual, even down to body care. I once scored some Lemongrass Cardamom Aromatherapy for 75% off in 2011, two years after it was discontinued and my best find ever was still at that store. I found the old mens body wash travel sizes for 90% off! I bought all of them and still use them when I travel. That's another thing, they always usually have a men's signature on sale or bring one or two back for SAS, like they did with my loves Dark Amber and Twilight Woods last time, but not this time, I was hoping for Paris and White Citrus. The current lineup is awful, save for Mahogany Woods and Ocean.

    SAS really sucks these days.

    1. Found one lonely dark Amber for men lotion this SAS!! Gift to my broski. It's so good

    2. Well actually the BBW in the outlet mall in Elizabeth is my closest one but I prefer to jump on the PATH and go to Newport.

      The best Sweater Weather is the 2013 version the year it made it made its nationwide debut. All the following ones smell different and is much lighter. Find the 2013 version on Ebay STAT!

      Yeah I miss the good ol days of SAS, it sucks now

  3. Not sure if anyone is buying right now, but...

    GSP has been doing a 75% off 3-wick candle sale since at least last weekend. I haven't seen that at any other BBW stores in this area.

    1. I went GSP last weekend, they didn't have anything interesting.. just bunch of Winters, Tis the Seasons and Hot Buttered Rums


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