THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Peace ~ Iced Vanilla Woods

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom
Time Period: New Years day - mid-February

Description: Enjoy a peaceful holiday with soothing blend of sweet vanilla, smoldering woods and ice lavender

When I first heard about this badboi, I had high hopes and knew I had to have it. Based on the notes, I was really hoping it wouldn't be a repackage of the ever-present Lavender Vanilla..thankfully it wasn't.  It was truly love at first sniff; unlike all of the other new winter scents, this one certainly didn't disappoint and went above and beyond my expectations. It would be the ONLY scent this holiday/winter season I actually liked..nay, loved!

So performance-wise, this candle was BOSS!!! It's truly one of the few perfectly performing candles I've had all year! Beautiful high leaping flames, gorgeous deep and even waxpool. The wicks were kinda flimsy and there were times when the mushroom tops fell into the wax...that said, despite it being white, the wax surprisingly didn't turn cruddy and so far doesn't smell sooty. And the throw, oh man! That throw tho!!! It's strong; I can smell it in the living room with the door closed! It's strong without being headache inducing; it has what I like to call "warm blanket" throw. It just wraps you up in warm fragrant goodness! Even the wf bulb is super strong! I love walking into my bedroom; it's like jumped into pile of blankets fresh from the dryer or warm gooey marshmallow fluff!

Scent-wise, it kinda throws you for a loop cuz it's very hard to pinpoint. Prior to buying it, I had a lot of theories would it could be. Like I said, earlier I was hoping it wasn't LV but it has the same similar vibe. It's like a masculine version of LV; I would totally rock this if it was a body fragrance. Because of the lavender and woods combo, I thought for sure it would Oakmoss & Vetiver...alas it wasn't. And some people swore thatthey smelled a little mint so I theorized it may have a long forgotten Slatkin era scent called Peace aka Lavender Market which was a beautiful blend of lavender, spearmint and rosemary..again, alas it wasn't. The basenotes of Peace smell very similar to LV though Peace is not nearly as powdery and is more creamy. The lavender note isn't as astringent and and herbal as it usually is in home fragrance; it's very subtle and smooth and it's there just add a little ummph. I can see why people said they smelled mint however I don't think there actually is; I think perhaps it's the type of lavender they used as lavender is a member of the mint family. Then again, perhaps there is a small hint of it and that is what gives this scent that "iced" feel. There is some woodsy action in the background that keeps this from smelling confectionary a la LV  or Lavender Marshmallow. I got some undertones of possibly cedarwood/sandalwood and/or maybe oak. Perhaps even a tiny dash of vetiver. It's times like this I wish BBW were honest with the notes instead of giving us vague BS like "smoldering woods" Whatever the "smoldering wood" notes are, they do kinda give this scent a "cologney" vibe. When I first sniffed Peace in the store, it reminded me of "cologney" scents from years past. At first I thought OM&V, then Be Daring, then Bowties & Bourbon. Later I was talking to a candlebuddy (shoutout to whitebarncandle") and he said he smelled a little Oceanside..and I totally get it. Whatever wood notes they used alongside the vanilla and lavender does smell slightly Oceanside-ish.

So basically... Lavender Vanilla + Snow Day + Oakmoss&Vetiver + Oceanside = Peace

Strange but true and it totally works!

Peace is an absolutely beautiful scent, by far one of the best scents to come out of the holiday collections! And it's rightfully named - it does give you a "peaceful" feeling. It's not a Christmasy scent in my opinion but it is more of a post-New Years winter scent. It's perfect for afternoon naps, cuddling under the blanket, reading a book and/or an evening of Netflix and chill. It's very aromatherpay-ish I think; it's calming, it's cozy, it's relaxing! It's a cool scent yet has a surprising warmth to  it and it has a subtle elegance and sophistication to it; to me it's right up there with the equally elegant, sophisticated, cozy and hard to describe scents Winter and Chestnut & Clove; it's like having your pick between Hugh Grant, Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Radcliff. Peace is a total must-have and I hope and pray it remains a winter staple. In the meantime, stock up if you haven't already because Peace is already starting to disappear.


  1. Once again, we're scent twins. Agree agree agree.

    This is a lovely Cologne scent, and its certainly the runaway really new hit of the season for me. I bought three 3 wicks & burned one, quite surprised the wax wasn't too crudded up between burns...I also got 2 single wicks in the blue bubble glass.

    I'm gonna squirrel these bad boys away & hope I can score more!!

    1. Right?!

      Fingers crossed cuz Peace is getting harder and harder to find


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