THIS IS THE BOMB.COM: Bowties and Bourbon

Products: candle and wf bulb
Area used in:  bedroom 
Time Period: beginning of April - mid May

Description: A blend of polished dark oak, fresh bergamot and a hint of bourbon spirits that's got all of the elegance and charm of a Southern gentleman

So as y'all already know, I LOVE the "cologne-y" scents. That said, I didn't quite know what to think of this one; the notes just weren't jumpin out at me. However I was still rather curious. At the time, this collection was only available at White Barn, so I made a phone order and purchased this and
Southern Sweet Tea

It was love at first sniff!!!

Performance-wise, this candle has been excellent! Big plump mushroom tops and very high steppin flames. And there was always a deep and even wax pool; even though the wax is a beautiful cerulean blue, it melts into a weird brown color (like Flannel when it first came out) And the throw, OMG the throw, sheer utter perfection! It's not too strong and definitely not too weak, just perfect. The scent wraps around you like the tight embrace of a hot sexy man!

And now the scent... When I first heard about this scent, I thought of every dark , sweet, woody manly type scent I could think of -  Ski Lodge or Vanilla Firewood or Vanilla Cedarwood. Luckily it was none of those - it was an actual new scent! That said, there has been some debate in the BBW community as to what it actually smelled like. Some say it smells like Villa Bergamot/Bergamot Woods (uuum, no), while others say that it smells like Flannel (close but no cigar). However there is a small of group of us who think that it smells like my bae Boathouse Row. That said, it's not a repackage...I repeat, it's not a repackage! However, there's a note (the oak maybe?) that smells very similar to woody notes in Boathouse Row. That said, I can see why people describe this as similar to VB or Flannel; like VB and Flannel, BT&B shares the same citrusy "cologney" bergamot note. Now that bourbon note...I guess? There is dark brown sugar-like sweetness but whether or not it's "bourbon" remains to be seen. Overall, the best word for this scent is SEXY, it just smells like a hot sexy man period of end of story!

The wf bulb is pretty nice with a nice throw but I gotta say the candle is soooo much better.

I LOVE this scent sooo much!!! It's been a REALLY long time since I got a really amazing cologne-y scent. For me, BT&B is right up there with my other cologne-y baes - Black Pepper Bergamot and Boathouse Row, And like those two, I will definitely be stocking up! If you haven't bought any already, I highly recommend that you do!


  1. I friggin' knew you'd love b&b! I friggin knew it from 1st sniff & for CERTAIN on 1st burn. Why? Cause I love me my cologne-y scents, too! Knew it knew it knew it. Mine burns like a boss & even throws around a boxed in IKEA lantern luminary $15 BTW & Avail in 4 in colors, too. B&B! What a winner!

    1. Lmao!!! Love it!

      You know, cologney scents get such a bad rep in BBW world but BT&B may be the one to thongs around and make folks change their cologne hatin ways

  2. I love manly smelling candles & always have. People are crazy. I dont really care for the bakery Bs too much either. Fireside, Black Tie, BT&B, Flannel, etc. Wish they would re-do boathouse row as I wasn't into BBW candles at that time & sounds like my thang! Any others I would love?

    Now sadly discontinued, I used to love the glade 2 in 1 moonlit walk & wandering stream. If you ever see any, grab em! Come in 2 tone blue. Smell just like sexy boyfriend, fresh from the shower. I still have a few of those bad boys....But, I must admit, I never burn glade anymore. I should mail you one to try.


  4. Whoa, calm down...deep cleansing breathes

    Bowties & Bourbon is NOT discontinued, it's a seasonal scent; it's only around during spring. They brought it back last spring, in two collections and I'm sure it'll be back for Spring 2017. In the meantime if you're desperate, you can find BT&B on eitherEbay or Mercari


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