NEWNESS UPDATE: Cork & Vine/Vineyard Collection

So, it's not even summer yet officially and SAS hasn't even started....and there are already fall candles testing!!! And get this..a fall collection with absolutely NO cinnamon/caramel/apple/pumpkin notes...WHAT?!!! THATS FRIGGIN UNHEARD OF!!! And get's inspired by WINE..well, more to the point WINE COUNTRY!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...the CORK & VINE/VINEYARD COLLECTION

The packaging is pretty darn beautiful and the names are super intriguing....

Unfortunately, most of the new scents sound like straightup repacakages

Returning scents in this collection include - Sundrenched VineyardHarvest Gathering, Citron Cedarwood and a candle based on a popular soap, Black Cherry Merlot.

The new scents are...

Napa Valley Sunset -  Napa Valley vineyards are the most romantic at sunset. Notes of velvety fig, soft oakmoss and luminous white musk recapture this golden hour (At first I thought Winter Fig but on second thought, I'm thinkin maybe Autumn Day/Autumn Night)

Wine Cellar - Explore a blend of warm cedarwood, red fruit and precious saffron inspired by a California wine expert's ultimate collection (Now there was a "Wine Cellar" candle in the Prestige collection back in the day...I think it was repackaged as Smoked Berries and Incense in the Opulence and Intrigue collection..however...these notes sound EXACTLY like the notes for Be Daring)

Sparkling Pear Riesling - The bright, crisp Riesling grape and juicy California pears combine to create a refreshing, fruit-driven vintage (If this isn't White Pear Champagne, I'll be extremely surprised)

Sonoma Spiced Citrus - Back in California sunshine with a touch of spice in the fragrance of green cardamom, yellow citron and warm tonka bean (for reason, I keep thinkin this is gonna be Spiced Pumpkin Cider..though it could Orange Clove from back in the Slatkin Days)

I have no clue when this collection is coming out or if it even will (I assume July or August). I also don't know if this'll be a White Barn exclusive collection or will go nationwide to all stores. There are, as always, available on Ebay via makingsunshinehappen and fabulousthriftymamma.


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