RANT OF THE DAY: Tropical Scent Overload

Ok, is it just me or is there a ridonkulous amount of tropical/beachy scents this spring? It's like BBW said "EFF YOU SPRING" and went straight to summer!

First we had the Tiki Beach collection - Tiki Beach, Island Marg, Oceanside..the usual beachy summery crap we see year after year! They're summer staples so it makes sense

Then we had the Brazilian collection, which I totally count as tropical

Then we had that Hawaiian collection, despite already having already done a Hawaiian themed collection last year

Recently we received the infamous former White Barn exclusive ombre'd to death Turquoise Waters collection

And now White Barn has the "ribbed for her pleasure" Tahiti Island Dream collection, which besides the main candle, the others are pointless...Eucalyptus Mint & Wave, really?

And lastly White Barn has what I call "there once was a man from Nantucket" collection - Summer Seaside or Lighthouse or whatever they're calling. Granted it's not "tropical" but it certainly has a summer at the beach vibe

We only had three spring themed collections - White Barn Market, Happy Home and Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

We also got Renew & Refresh and Lavender Vanilla in the White Barn core collection and First Bloom as the Mother's Day candle...that's it!

The poor spring themed collections were totally outnumbered and overshadowed by the summer/tropical scents

I mean compare this spring to last spring...we had Spring St Sweet Shoppe, Fresh Picked, Springtime in Provence, Garden Party (I'm not counting Destinations). Tropical/summer -wise we only had Tiki Beach, Aloha Hawaii and Coastal Cool..slightly outnumbered but not by much. Overall that spring/summer ration was for the most balanced.

Not this go round. Everything is coconut this and mango that and papaya e'rythang! Here a beach, there a beach, e'rywhere a beach beach!

I'm anal when it comes to seasonal scents. After winter, I want some springtime floral scents! Especially this past winter with me dealing with snow and ice and hardcore cold for the first time, I was desperate for some spring action to cure the winter blues...but the pickins were beyond slim; thank god I had some leftover Garden Party scents stocked up. I can't go from wintery scents to tropical scents, I need to transition!

And how many times are we gonna see Lilac Blossom and Honeysuckle Bouquet?! It's in 2 separate collections this year! And the only spring newness we got was Beautiful Day in SD&ST.

BBW I beg you, can we please have some balance this next year; equal ration of spring and summer scents please and thanks?

Have one "beach" collection and one "tropical locale" collection?

Can we have something other than friggin Lilac Blossom and Honeysuckle Bouquet? Bring back some classics - Verbena Waters, First Bloom, Garden Party, Flowershop, Orchard Petal, Sunkissed Blossom, Drenched Apple Blossom. Hello, muthaeffin SPRING, what the hell happened to that one?! We had Autumn in fall and Winter in winter...no Spring in Spring, really?

And can ya'll PUH-LEAZE bring back the cocktail scents - Malibu Smash, Paradise Daiquiri, Sparkling Mojito, Island Colada, Raspberry Sun Tea? These newbies out there would go apeshit for these!

And come on, bring back the classics - Calypso Sun, Caribbean Salsa, Tropical Spice..hello Seaside Escape...rename em, repackage em, do what y'all want but give us the goods!!

I don't think I'm askin for much...


  1. Preach it! I was super excited about the $9 online sale yesterday but after pouring over the website several times, there was *nothing* I wanted! They all sounded like the same three beachy/fruity scents :(

    1. Right?! It's all the same, all of the collections are interchangeable. I took advantage of that sale and got myself some online exclusives - Apple Crumble and Kitchen Spice!

    2. Right?! It's all the same, all of the collections are interchangeable. I took advantage of that sale and got myself some online exclusives - Apple Crumble and Kitchen Spice!

  2. Agreed on all accounts - I've walked past B&BW stores the past three months and smelled/saw nothing but coconut and ocean-coloured glass. I wish they brought out the lakeside collection again - it was perfection!

    1. Right?! Easy pass all the way

      Speakin of Lakeide collection, I heard a rumour that that that collcetion may be making a speacial appearance during SAS. if it's indeed true, that would be fabulous!

    2. OMG, yes please! Would love to see Boathouse Row back.

  3. first time commenter. love your writing -- fun and informative!

  4. love your writing -- fun and informative!

  5. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

  6. Promised myself I'd wait for SAS before buying anymore 3 wicks. Funny, honey, I was looking @ those same 2 exclusives. Must have a nose wired alike!

    1. Great noses think alike?

      What did you wind up getting for SAS?

  7. No Summer Boardwalk or any "salt and sea air mixed with caramel scents," for that matter.

    1. Ugh, don't even get me started! I loathe that scent with a fiery white passion!

  8. I know this post is old, but have you smelled Pomeo Citron? I’m pretty sure it’s Caribbean Salsa rebranded.


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