WALK 'N' SNIFF: Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

After a long miserable day at work, I took a trip to my new found BBW store in Brooklyn to brighten my spirits. Actually I needed a wf bulb and a pocket bac but rest assured that I took some time to get my sniff on.

As y'all know, this collection was supposed to be White Barn exclusive; I'm guessin they saw the folly of keepin this collection to a small cluster of stores. Furthermore, it's just nice to have some new scents that aren't tropical. And being the Southerner that I am, I couldn't help thinkin that this collection was sho nuff cute y'all!

That said, ya'll sit on down here and my lil ol review!

I'm not gonna waste y'all's time or mine talking about Watermelon Lemonade, Lilac Blossom, and Honeysuckle and Sundress (which don't even get me started on why, with the exception of Sundress, these are in this collection)

Beautiful Day
As y'all know, this based on the body care of the same name. The candle version smells slightly different. It''s very similar to Spring in the sense that you have a lot of dewy florals with a green apple note although Beautiful Day isn't as fresh or genuine; it really is more of a body care take on dewy florals than home fragrance. To me, the difference between the candle and the body care is that that the apple note is more prominent - the same BBW-ian apple not found in scents like Pink Apple Punch, Wasabi Apple and Green Apple Champagne. I'm not a big fan of this although I did not too long ago buy online the wf bulb and it smells so much better than the candle. Anyway, this was kinduva  waste of space - they should brought back Flower Shop or Garden Party instead

Georgia Peach
Well you couldn't have a Southern themed collection without a "Georgia Peach" scent...and here it is. However, don't get too excited, it's a repackage of Market Peach. I've never understood the hype of MP - it just smells mushy and over-ripe. And quite a few people complained that it smelled waxy and chemically once lit. Anyhoo, if you liked MP, here it is!

Praline Pecan Cobbler
Once again, don't get too excited over the name, it's nothing new. It's a repackage with a twist of good ol Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. This version doesn't have that "maple syrup" note but rather has more of a brown sugary/caramelly aspect to it. So yeah, there ya go!

Ugh.... why this went wide is beyond me! This is one of the most strangest smelling candles that I've ever smelled from BBW. You would think from the name and the notes that it would smell very green and fresh, right up my alley. Yeah no, not so much! It just smells off and weird. It kinda smells earthy and dirty like Snap Peas but at the same time there's an off powdery floral borderline soap note, like old grandma's guest bathroom soap...think Lily Pond. Again, why did this go wide? Especially over Southern Sweet Tea! Really BBW?! They should've used Verbena Waters/Lakeside  instead.

Bowties and Bourbon
This in my most humble opinion is the runaway hit of the collection. Just a heads up...it's definitely.."cologney" Some people have said that it smells like Flannel while others say Villa Bergamot. I wholeheartedly disagree; to me it smells like one of my fav cologney scents ever, my bae Boathouse Row . It's not a repackage but it's quite similar. Boathouse Row had a deep dark watery feel to it, B&B doesn't have that. Also B&B is much much sweeter than BR; it's has a rich sweet vanilla-ness to it without smelling bakery. I think it's the oak note that makes it smell similar to BR. B&B also has a cologney bergamot note similar to Flannel and Villa Bergamot. So yeah, think BR without the wateriness mixed with Flannel. If you're a fan of the cologney scents, you'll love this one!


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