NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring/Summer Test Scents Part Deux

Well ladies and gents, we have more newness testing in stores. This time we have Summer Sips-esque  scents called the Poptail Collection - essentially boozy cocktail inspired icy treats. Lookwise, they pretty much like Summer Sips - a simple label with a artsy drawing of the corresponding frozen treat and a "recipe" of said treat only this time its on the lid. And a couple of them, 2 or 3, actually 3 tiered wax colors like the 3colored fall candle.

New scents include....

Limoncello Poptail - Sweet and zesty lemons, Italian limocello liqueur and sparkling sugar blend into an amazing citrus blend (obviously this has to be Limoncello or possibly Lemon Gelato)

Twisted Caramel Gelato - A mouthwatering blend of sea salt caramels, vanilla ice cream and coffee liqueur that's oh so sweet (I'm wondering if this similar to or a straightup repackage of Pumpkin Caramel Latte)

Banana Kiwi Colada - A fragrance that's sure to delight, blends notes of tropical bananas, New Zealand kiwis and creamy coconut (sounds like Bahama Fizz to me)

Lime Granita Margarita - A refreshing new twist on a classic cocktail and a frozen dessert arrives in bright notes of key limes, sea salt and crushed ice (hmmm, Lime Ice from way back in the day maybe?)

Sangria Berry Freeze - Indulge in a fruit-filled blend of strawberries, boysenberries and white wine (I'm gonna go with Sparkling Berry Fizz from Summer Sips)

Spiked Cherry Limesicle - A blend of summer cherries, juicy Persian limes and sparkling sugar crystals that delivers happiness, like a cherry on top (I 'm REEEEEEAALLLLLLY hoping that it's Summertime Soda though I have a feeling it might be Cherry Blossom Sangria)

This collection also includes Pink Apple Punch, Mango Coconut Cooler and the scent that will never die, Watermelon Lemonade

I'm really hope thhat this collection makes wide cuz they all sound pretty damn good.

For pictures, check out tinyfloatingbubbles on Instagram as well as Lifeinsidethepage. And, as usual, most of these are already available on Evilbay.


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