NEWNESS UPDATE: Spring/Summer 2015 Test Scents

Thought we were done with scents from spring and summer? Think again! We have some new scents headin our way!

As you may know, sometime in May, BBW will be releasing a new signature scent called Tahitian Island Dream or somethin like that. There's talk of that new beachy collection that was in exclusive to White Barn being released but that's not set in stone.

And, as per tradition, we will be seeing a Mother's Day candle. This year it's a repackage of...wait for it...FIRST BLOOM!!!! A Mother's Day candle that actually kinda makes sense?! Mindblown! I still say Flower Shop or Garden Party or Pink Petal Teacake would be better candidates however First Bloom is an awesome scent so I approve!

Movin right the moment, there are two collections currently testing in some stores. The first collection is... The Seaside Summer Collection!

This collection is interesting; theme-wise it has very nautical, beachy, summer in New England feel to it. Look-wise, it has kinduva nostalgic Slatkin-era 90's BBW store look; the labels are kinda cheap, like something you'll see on a candle in Target or Marshalls or Homegoods. Anyhoo, returning scents include...

Beach Grass
Beach Cabana
Coastal Sun
Summer Boardwalk

The new scents are...

Summer Bonfire - The perfect summer night at the beach comes to life in notes of warm woods, orange blossoms and green leaves. (by all accounts this smells like Summertime Smores/Marshmallow Fireside with a hint of orange)

Lighthouse - A beacon of beautiful fragrance for your home in a blend of sea glass, sea foam and sparkling sand (so according to the notes, this candle basically smells like NOTHING cuz that's what those notes smell like, NOTHING. I think I heard someone say that this was a repackage of Sydney Harbor from last year's Destination collection)

Coral Seashell - A juicy blend of summer peach nectar, plum and orange that's as exquisite as a rare beach treasure (Calypso Sun maybe?)

Nantucket Sails - Sail away with a blend of ocean-washed driftwood, sea air and refreshing grapefruit (ugh I'm sooooo tired of BBW's trend of adding "driftwood" to their notes's wet rotting pieces of flotsam, how is that appealing?! Anyhoo, I thought it might be Sea to Santorini/Freshwater & Seasalt but I was told it's not even close. By all accounts, this is a completely new scent) 

The second collection is the Perfect Getaway Collection. It's basically a new and improved revamped Destinations collection. Sooooo, yeah.... this is kinduva a hot mess. The labels have the same cartoony feel like those Christmasy candles back in winter; it has basic cliche locales of various place but in cartoon form. Kinda cheesy.

Returning scents include...

London ~ Tea and Lemon (London Calling)
Paris ~ French Daydream (Paris Daydream)
Italy ~ Espresso Cafe (Espresso Bar)
Istanbul ~ Sparkling Amber (Sensual Amber)
New York ~ Black Tie 
Hawaii ~ Aloha Passion Flower (Passionflower)

The new scents are...

Barcelona ~ Mandarins and Mosaics - Luscious mandarin and fresh peach blend with Yuzu flower and vanilla in celebration of a city filled with colorful and magical mosaic patterns (Caribbean Salsa? Beachside?) 

Amsterdam ~ Tulips and Windmills - The delightful scent of fresh-cut flowers - sweet lilac, pink freesia, and tulips layered with cooling greens (the notes sound EXACTLY like Flower Shop, same exact notes!)

Bangkok - Golden Temples and Spices - Go on a getaway to exotic Bangkok with a fusion of fresh shaved cinnamon bark and jasmine transformed by a touch of warm amber ( Tropical Spice?)

Los Angeles ~ Palm Trees and Sunshine - Escape to the West Coast with a blend of green palm tree leaves, aloe and bright sunny days (sounds like Palm Leaves/White Palm to me)

Bora Bora ~ Bungalows and Beaches - The lush fragrance of Monoi blossoms, Tahitian vanilla and tropical flower petals takes you to remote white sand beaches. Let's run away to paradise! (I'm gonna go with Meet me in Tahiti)

I've no idea if these are staying at White Barn as exclusives or if they will trickle to regular stores like the  Screen Doors and Sweet Tea collection. Ive a feeling we'll be seeing these eventually. No idea when, I can can only guestimate possibly before or shortly after June SAS.

For pictures of said collection, check out Lifeinsidethepage or if you're on Instagram, follow tinybubblesfloating and _from victoria.

And of course all of these are already available on Evilbay!


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