NEW IDEA OF THE DAY: Ideas for next winter

Well gang, there's only a few days of SAS left and then wintertime (as far as BBW is concerned) will be over. Spring stuff has already been popping up in stores; soon we'll bombarded with an tsunami of bakery and mango and coconut. For the time being, I'd talk about next winter.

Ok BBW real talk..y'all have GOT to get y'alls shit together next winter cuz this winter was an absolute hot mess from top to bottom. Christmastime at BBW is a time that fragrance lovers look forward to cuz that (and fall) is when y'all really shine. This winter was the equivalent of dog turds made to look like coal in our stockings...we've been good, we don't deserve that! So for the sake of making next season merry and bright, here are some ideas just of the top of my head...

First of all, shame on y'all for having a holiday season with nary a bakery scent except Merry Cookie...and for me to say that is a big ass deal! It's just not the holidays without some sweet treats! Besides MC and Twisted Peppermint, y'all can bring back...

Mint Chocolate, Pumpkin Gingerbread, Snickerdoodle, Eggnog Cheer, Gourmet Espresso (or Winter Latte/Creamy Nutmeg), Holiday Gumdrop, Pistachio Malted Truffle and Hot Chocolate

Also can we PLEASE not have whack ass Winter Candle Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel in candle form? NOBODY LIKES IT! Keep that crap as bodycare only!

Also I think a Christmas song/carol themed collection would be fun...

Dashing thru the Snow - Pinecone/Autumn Snow
Jingle all the Way - Spice
Winter Wonderland - Snow Day
Deck the Halls - Holly Wreath
Chestnuts Roasting - Chestnuts Roasting
Sleigh Ride - Sleigh Ride
Visions of Sugarplums - Candied Sugarplums
Home for the Holidays - Vanilla Spice or Creamy Nutmeg or Cinnamon Frosting
Tis the Season - Tis the Season
Oh Christmas Tree - Evergreen (or Noel or Frosted Tree)
Silent Night - Ski Lodge
Let it Snow - Fresh Sparkling Snow

I also would like to see an old-fashioned antique Victorian Christmas Carol collection with a more high end feel to them

Winter (or Orange Clove or Spice), Sleigh Ride, Chestnut & Clove, Cinnamon Tea, Holiday Pomander, Holly Wreath and most importantly...WINTER GARLAND! Please bring that one back! In fact I take it a step for further and suggest it being the official Christmas candle period!

And now wintertime at BBW wouldn't be complete without a cabin themed collection. For that I recommend...

Fresh Balsam, Winter, Snowed In (THE ORIGINAL SNOWED IN), Ski Lodge, Chestnut &Clove, Welcome ~ Cinnamon Pinecone (NOT MAHOGANY BALSAM), Dark Chocolate Mint, Frosted Cranberry, Fireside, Sparkling Icicles, Vanilla Cedarwood..NO MAHOGANY TEAKWOOD!!!!

And lastly, the ever present New Years candles. For this you have to have the classics...

Champagne Toast, Cranberry Pear Bellini and Black Tie

But I also suggest bring back some other favs..

Peppermint Mocha, Merry Mistletoe, Winter White Petals (but call it Winter Poinsettias) and Holiday Pomander

And now Party Dress..I get where y'all were going with this scent but it's just too floral and springy. I suggest having a candle version of either Dark Kiss or Midnight Pomegranate.

Now for many people New Years isn't the end of winter celebrations. In some parts of the country there's a little get-together called MARDI GRAS! Why not have a New Orleans Carnival themed collection? The new Paris candle can be the official Mardi Gras candle since the holiday has French ancestry. You can bring back scents like Southern Magnolia (the flower of Louisiana), Verbena Waters (walkin along the Mississippi), Malibu Smash ( havin a drink on Bourbon Street), Tropical Spice (a nod to Nola's Caribbean roots), Twinkling Night (a hot female reveler at the parade), Be Daring (a sexy masked man in the French Quarter) and Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun (king cake..but please fix that stank chemical plasticyness). Its perfect, Mardi Gras is usually in February; by then people are sick of winter scents (and winter period) and this could a good transitional collection for spring.

And lastly, Valentine's Day I suggest having a trio with one name like the Thanksgiving and Winter White Barn collections..

LOVE - Garden Party or Majestic Rose
ROMANCE - Pinkpetal Teacake
CHERISH - Dark Kiss
JOY - Marshmallow Peppermint
CELEBRATE - Wine Down ~ Pomegranate Sangria

Now with all that said, this doesn't give you carte blanche to just release re-releases and repackages left and right next winter (or ever for that matter). There are so many new wintery blends you guy can play around with...

mulled wine (AND NOT WINE CELLAR), sparkling apple cider (AND NOT GREEN APPLE CHAMPAGNE), Christmas punch, figgy pudding, clove studded oranges (AND NOT WINTER), sugared citrus (AND NOT SUGARED LEMONS)cold winter air, bayberry, spearmint, frankincense and myrrh, bread pudding, peppermint bark, truffles, rumballs, cinnamon coffee, warm blankets or mittens, cold winter air

In the words of one my idols Tim Gunn..MAKE IT WORK!!!


  1. Bronze, if our candle future has to be in someone's hands ... I'm glad it you!! Lmao

  2. Already discussing next year! I love it! U kno it will be here before we kno it! Lol!! I love the Valentine's Day idea! But no WINE CELLAR? Wine Cellars my bae!! PLEASE BRiNG BAK MiNT CHOCOLATE n Creamy Nutmeg! yahhhsss


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