RANT OF THE DAY: Happy First Day of Fall!!!

So today is the Autumnal Equinox and the start of my favorite time of the year - FALL!!! I love everything about fall - drinkin cider, pickin apples, watchin the leaves change, wearin cute sweaters, makin soups, carvin pumpkins, eating and drinkin anything that says pumpkin spice! And there are soooo many things in this season for me to look forward - my birthday (which was two weeks ago btw - shoutout to my fellow Virgos), two of my best friends' birthdays (more Virgos), my mom's birthday (yet another Virgo), my partner's birthday (Libra), new tv shows, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday! And fall is probably the season I burn the most candles - I LOVE fall scents. Give me anything that smells like apple or cinnamon or cranberries (not so much pumpkin) and I'm a happy homo! B&BW, in my opinion, really shines in the fall; we've gotten sooooo many amazing fallgasmic scents over the past couple of years. With that said, let me show you scents that I have to have every fall

Under normal circumstances, I don't care for bakery scents. However, for fall and Christmastime I usually make an exception. With that said, two of my all time favorite bakery scents are without a doubt
Apple Crumble and Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts. Both are just so sweet (without being cloying) and warm and inviting. I like to burn these on the weekends; to me, both scents are perfect to burn on a brisk Saturday/Sunday morning.

While most folks tend to generate to "pumpkin/pumpkin spice" scents, I myself lean more towards "apple/apple-cinnamon/cider" scents. My go-to apple scent for fall was for awhile Spiced Cider (which I'll talk about later) which for the for the first time was not released this year. However we have a (relatively) new scent - Spiced Pumpkin Cider, which I think is better than ol SC. And there's pumpkin in this - go fig! Personally this is as close to a pumpkin scent that I'm willing to go. I haven't burned this one yet but based on cold throw, I absolutely love it. I think this smells more like a legit cider than SC. I really do hope that this sticks around.

In my bedroom, I tend to go for more woodsy, masculine... "cologne-y" scents. For awhile, Black Pepper Bergamot was my go to bedroom scent for fall; I don't need to go into any great depth about how much I love that scent and how great I think it is! Or sometimes I'd mix it and experiment with new scents; like last year I had Tailgate and then after that I tried Applewood Bonfire (which I didn't like and exchanged it for Fireside. This fall, I think I may have found a new fav...Autumn Night...also known as Autumn Day...also known as Acorn and Fig. I didn't used to like AD/A&F which is odd cuz I usually LOVE outdoorsy/woodsy/manly type scents...but not that one. I think..nay I know that Autumn Night is an improved version of AD/A&F; it's more balanced, more smooth, a little smoky, a little more woodsy. And I love the deep blue color. This scent just makes me think of bein out in the woods on an ...AUTUMN NIGHT in front of a fire chuggin hard cider, roasting sweet potatoes and making smores. As much as I love BPB (and I do), AN really is a perfect nighttime scent for fall!

These next four scents that I don't particularly care for in candle form but love as wf bulbs.

So first there's Mahogany Teakwood...*sigh. I didn't used to like this scent (my bf LOVES it) but over time it has grown. I actually just burned on in August. For me, MT is a late summer to early fall scent. It's woodsy, it's manly..it's ..."cologney". In my opinion, it's aiight.

Next is Pumpkin Carving. *sigh I HATE straight up pumpkin scents and I blame Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin for that. Years ago, my bf and I decided to give SCP a try for Thanksgiving time. Neither he or I were the biggest fans of pumpkin scented home fragrance to begin but we decided to be openminded. We bought a 4oz 1 wick, a wf bulb and room spray...and we hated them! We barely burned half of it and it stuck around forever since til I finally just threw it away before we moved. The wf bulb was only halfway done and I got tired of it and poured the oil down the toilet (I kept the bulb cuz it was one of the decorated ones and it was cute) We still have the room spray, that's not even halfway done. Lookin back, we should've just exchanged them all..but eh, what can ya do. Anyway, I was anti-pumpkin until I smelled Pumpkin Carving last fall...and I really liked it! Soooooo much better than SCP! At the time, I couldn't commit to getting a candle of it so I tried the wf bulb instead and really enjoyed it; I even bought more to stock up. PC really is the best, dare I say, ultimate pumpkin scent; it's the closest to a legit pumpkin scent that you'll find, especially at B&BW!

Then there's Spiced Cider. As I mentioned earlier, SC was my go to apple scent for fall. However, over time I kinda got bored of it. First of all, it doesn't smell like actual spiced cider but rather a sliced red apple sprinkled with cinnamon and clove. Moreover, it's right on the cusp of smellin generic - like craftstore JoAnns Fabric Michaels apple cinnamon potpourri..not quite but very close. This year was the first year in awhile that it wasn't released at all and it seems to be replaced by Spiced Pumpkin Cider...which is fine with me cuz I think SPC smells better.

And last but certainly not least  is Autumn. Autumn is a scent that I wanna love cuz everyone else loves it so much. Here's the problem, every single year whenever I sniff Autumn, it makes my sinuses go off! Never fails! I have to pop a Claritin everytime I sniff it! However, I tried the wf bulb of it awhile back and it didn't make me sick. Over time, it became a fall staple for me. I like to use this scent in my guest bathroom; as a rule I like fresh scents in there and Autumn is absolutely perfect. It's crisp and fresh, a little woodsy with a slight appley kick. It kinda reminds me of Sweater Weather in the sense that it's not a typical fall pumpkin/apple/spice scent and that when you smell it, you get the sense of bein in the outdoors; it's like you're walkin around an apple orchard an cool autumn afternoon.

And now ladies and gentlemen, my top 3 must have all time favorite fall scents

In third place, we have Sweater Weather. Ahh, Sweater Weather. Truly a case of love at first sniff! I remember back when this was first testing and Littleballadeer and Touchtheforetwice were both hyping this scent the eff up! I was so glad when it went wide the following year and was relieved when it came back this year (albeit with the weird pissy yellow-orange wax color, wtf?) I absolutely ADORE this scent. As a big fan of fresh/herbal/woodsy/outdoorsy scents, Sweater Weather is the epitome of all those types of scents. Like Autumn, it's autumnal smelling without the typical apple/pumpkin/spice notes. And you get a sense of the outdoors - it's like you're walkin around a park in your favorite sweater and feeling a cool breeze pass against your face. It's so cooling and fresh and crisp and relaxing, I'd go so far as to say that's very aromatherapy-ish. I like to burn this when I'm takin a hot bath (with the either Eucalyptus Tea or Eucalyptus Spearmint Aromatherapy shower gel). Or every once in awhile, Id burn it in the living room. Sometimes you just get tired of apple and pumpkin and cranberry and spice and this is just a nice refreshing scent to have when you wanna mix it up.

In second place is Cranberry Woods! I love this scent sooo much! My bf and I tried this for the first time (the same year we bought SCP) we've been addicted ever since. To me, CW is a mid-autumn scent; I like to burn this from towards the end of October/Halloween straight through to Thanksgiving. It's a very rich, intense, dark and mysterious scent; makes me think of cool dark night in the woods under a hazy full moon. And it has something for everyone - fruits for sweety lovers, spice for the autumn spice lovers, and some woodsy action for the outdoorsy lovers. CW in my humble opinion is an all around perfect fall scent and a nice escape from pumpkin and apple.

And last but not least, my all time ALL TIME favorite fall scent...mutha effin LEAVES!!! Damn, I love this scent soooooo much! My love for this scent runs deep! I HAVE to have Leaves EVERY fall!!! I usually start burning Leaves around the autumnal equinox; for me, fall can officially begin when I start burning this bad boy! How can you not love this scent?! It boggles my mind when I hear folks complain about it! I don't care what anyone says, in my mind Leaves IS fall in a jar! It epitomizes everything about this season - apples, cider, cinnamon, berries, mandarin, nectar. And all of the notes are bright and vibrant..just like leaves are in fall...get it? Truly TRULY fallgasmic!

And now some honorable mentions...
Caramel Apple was nice, it's a shame that one hasn't come back. I kinda like Pumpkin Caramel Latte despite it not smelling like pumpkin or latte; it's just so sickeningly sweet though. and I 've wanted to try Cider Lane but I just couldn't get past that weird smell on cold throw. It's been repackaged as Warm Caramel Cider this year sans that weirdness on cold throw, some maybe I'll buy it at some point. I do have a CL wf bulb that I found and bought during SAS and I liked it. I also have a few Pumpkin Apple wf bulbs that I kinda like; I don't really like the candle of it.

And now enjoy my latest Youtube vid about these fall must haves


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