RANT OF A DAY: Style vs Substance; OMG This candle is so cute!

I'm gonna preface this rant by saying this...if you think my last rant touched a couple nerves, this rant is gonna smush them to bits. Strap yourself in cuz it's about to get real! Shade in 5 4 3 2....

A candle buddy of mine left a comment on my last rant which brought up something that annoys me to no everluvin' end!

If you're on social media (especially Instagram) and follow/interact with other BBW addicts, then I'm positive you've heard someone at some point say something like....

"Omg...this candle is sooooo cute! I'm so in love with the packaging! That label is so gorgeous and omg, that lid is soooo pretty! And I am LOVE with the wax color! I don't care what the candle smells like, all care I care about is the packaging! I'm only buying this candle for the packaging!"

.... bitch, what?!

...you don't care what the candle smells like?!

...you're only buying this candle because the packaging?!

Jesus take the wheel?!!!

I sweartagawd, at least one person (almost always a lady) says this on Instagram on a daily basis...I just wanna reach into phone and grab one these tricks's throat and choke them til their eyes pop out! Part of me wants to make a shady comment but these types of comments appear so regularly and with such frequency, I'd run out of time and patience. All I can do is facepalm myself and hope my eyes don't roll out of their sockets.

I mean seriously...what is the point of buying a candle that you don't like? You don't care how it smells and you don't care if burns like crap or not and you don't care if it's a repackage  ...all you care about is the lid and label...


And to all of you Don't have a clue Sues and Don't really care Claires saying this stupid ish on social media...y'all are the reason BBW is the way it is now!

Back in the day, (pre-2013) things were a lot simpler - the labels were simple (some didn't even use pictures very early on), the tumbler glasses were clear and uncolored and the lids were silver or gold with no extreme adornment besides the WB or BBW name stamp. The only thing that truly mattered was the fragrance. And scent-wise, there was definitely an emphasis on creating new and unique blends and fans, particularly in fall and winter, looked forward to returning favs alongside completely new blends with very few repackages....my how things change!

Then in 2014 things started to change for the worse; we were starting to get more and more repackages and over time creativity and marketing seemed to focus less on the scents themselves and more on the packaging. And now the candles look so gimmicky - glitter and sparkles and embossment and colored glass and infantile cartoons to grab basic bitches' attentions. Meanwhile the scents are either repackages of scents no one asked for or they're cupcaked/marshmallowed/coconutted to death or they straight up stank or they're so light the scent is practically nonexistent! A definite case of gilding the lily!

And here's why I blame yall hoes....because of yall, no thought is put in their candles anymore!  Why should BBW care what their scents smell like since y'all basic asses don't care what they smell like? Why should BBW waste their time, energy and money making new scents or even bringing back old scents when y'all will buy anything as long as it looks cute? They rerelease basic scents, repackage basic scents and create basic scents continuing to play it safe only to make y'all happy! They cater to y'alls incessant borderline infantile need for their candles to be cute! And they raise the prices and offer craptastic sales because they know you tricks are gonna buy them anyway because they're cute!

I'm gonna say this now and I want it to be perfectly clear...


Take y'all cutesy-lovin happy asses over to Target or Marshalls or TJMaxx or Homegoods and buy cheap ass candles there and leave BBW to the true fragrance fans - people who actually gives a **** about how a candle smells or burns and not how it looks!


  1. Whoa!! Preach!!! I love it and it is sad but true. I hear that all the time!! Omg, I love how cute the lid is!! Look at the pretty label ... Bitch!! Get the f outta here!!

  2. I freaking LOVE this rant! It's something you do see almost daily on IG, & I can't agree more with saying it contributes to what BBW has become today. I also loved the paragraph about the good ole years. It's so beyond true! It's like B&BW's thinks they can distract us from lackluster burns/scents by using pretty packaging! Some of us are just not that easily impressed;) lol! I hope B&BW's sees your blog! :)

    1. Well Im glad people agree with me!

      It would be in BBW's best interest to read my blog and/or listen to us hardcore fans and not these cutesy cutsey lovin basic bitches

    2. You will not believe this! I was just on IG & saw that although someone hates Sparkling Limeade, they loved the packaging so much, they just had to keep for their collection;) To each his own! Lol:) I couldn't help seeing you facepalm it;)

    3. Are you serious?!!! SL isnt even that cute! I cant!!!!

  3. So, if it smelled like dog feces, but had a sparkly lid & a pink ribbon, and tri-layered wax, in pretty colors, with cute tooney characters, it would be screech worthy? Bitch, puu-lease.

    Glad I don't Instagram.

    I prefer colored waxes because I hate cruddy looking wax. But this doesn't mean I won't ever buy any white wax, I just need to love the scent. And I'll put those ones in my luminaries. *shrug*
    Problem solved.

    I prefer lids, but doesn't mean I don't buy those candles if the don't have lids, I save my old ones- esp if they are pretty. I re-use!

    I'd never buy a candle based on lids & wax colors & labels.

    Fragrance first. No question asked.

    Reusable fancy tumblers are my second- (like the leaves of fall, or swirl jars of winter)-

    Wax color, general packaging/ labeling and lids are a distant third....

    A person is smart. People are dumb. And social media gives a soap box to anyone regardless of iQ or values.... :\

    1. Amen to all of this, especially the social media part. More people should follow your example

    2. haha funny that you mention the tj maxx and homegoods, I've heard on some youtubers channels that you can find some nice candles for cheap there... out of desperation I went this weekend to both and picked up nothing. they have a plethora or candles but in the most nastiest scents... I only did this because BBW hiked up their prices... lesson learned, i'll wait for the next bbw 3 wick sale... le sigh.

  4. Lmao you are a trip!! I love how you say what you mean, and mean what you say! Everytime I read your blog you have me rollin! Because what you are sayin is true and you are a trip. I have been buying BBW candles since 02'. My first candles where the huge jar that tunneled. The scent was cucumber melon and sweet pea. I dealt with the tunneling because the scent was unmatched and was unlike any candles I had ever purchased. But over the years the price has gone up while the quality, originality, have gone way down. We deal with multiple repackages, discontinuing their best scents, and coconutting/mahogannying us to Death. Now we got these newbies/fake BBW fans jumpin on a band wagon making blogs when their opinion dont count for shtt cuz they make no damn sense. U care bout the glass not the candle. Well hell btch ill sell u my burned candle toss in a dollar tree votive candle in there for you, all for just $22.50 since all you care about is the glass and got money to burn * virtual smack* I truly wish BBW corporate would get a hold of your blog and beg you to work there to save their sorry @$$es!! It seems all they care bout now is making money off of silly non smellin @$$ btches while, us true BBW fans are left out to rot. *Sigh* we miss you Mr. Slatkin. RIP BBW originality...

    1. TESTIFY!!!!! Preach it!!!

      And guuurrrllll, don't even get me started on the basic ass newbies who don't any better. I truly genuinely sincerely wish BBW would stop catering to them

      Cucumber Melon was and is my jam...that's a scent that needs to come back STAT!

  5. Hey Jules, I did keep one of three SL candles just because OMG the label is so cute. I guess I'm stupid and love wasting money. I suppose I should just take my cutesy-lovin happy ass to Marshalls for some cheap candles so I can quit offending the true BBW fragrance fans.

    1. Ohhh are you the young lady who got all butthurt over this post and instead of confronting me like an adult decided to screenshot this and post it on her Instagram account in order to whip her followers into a frenzy yet block me so I wouldnt see and then have one of your followers stir shit with one of my friends hoping hed join your pitiful crusade? That my dear is ”infectious to the bath and body works community"

      If that isnt you, I apologize. However dont come to my blog posting passive aggressive sarcastic comments to my followers because what I said to say was too real for you and you're now butthurt. And at least offer a rebuttal that isn't you just rerepeating what I said.

      Have a nice day!

  6. Omg I love your blog. I wish I had known about it long ago.

    I love good smelling candles, I also am guilty of having my own collection. As acknowledged above I have noticed in recent years that the creativity (scent wise) has basically completely vanished and magically all their "efforts" have gone to their packaging. Which I have to tell you, since it is no secret, is BEYOND discouraging, I'm actually quite pissed; since the quality of the wax and unique scent combinations are what started my candle collection.

    Ive had a bbw candle collection for some time now but never put it on my social media because most things, I find, are much better when they aren't as popular.

    Please keep this blog going, I'm rooting for you to one day take over this now basic bitch catering company. If anyone can turn it around and restore some SENSE into this it would most definitely be you!!

    1. Hey there! Im glad you found me!

      As for social media, let me tell ya you arent missing a thing!

      And Im glad you agree, as you can tell from the comment above , there some individuals who dont agree...not that I care

      Deapite the naysayers and basic bitches, I definitely plan on keeping this going and hopefully the right people over at BBW will read it and take note. I wish I could work there and restore some order

      Anyhoo, thank you soooo much for your comment and stay tuned


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