NEWNESS UPDATE: New and Improved Aromatherapy collection

So we all woke up to an unexpected yet pretty amazing surprise online this morn...


They've updated the old standard Aromatherapy candles! Look at those wax colors! Look at those lovely labels! So much better than the old Aromatherapy candles we're so used to...

My bf is OBSESSED with Orange Ginger; he LOVES the lotion and the shower gel and at one point had a 4oz 1wick waaayy from '10 or '11. He has ranted and raved that there hasn't been a 3wick of it in years. Meanwhile I've scouring thru Evilbay for one only to find a handful, all of which over $40+!!! Ain't nobody got time  fa dat! Needless to say he was very excited when I showed him the new one online.

Meanwhile I'm freaking out about the Eucalyptus Tea candle. As far as I know, there has never been a 3wick of it back in the day. Out of all of the aromatherapy body care, ET is by far my favorite. I love to use the shower gel for bubble baths in fall which I would normally pair with Sweater Weather (to pretend I'm in a hot tub on a brisk autumn evening). Needless to say I'm beyond elated that there is now an ET candle for me to use instead.

Now a couple of folks in Instagramland  have been freakin out that there is no Lavender Chamomile candle...which I personally prefer over Lavender Vanilla. I have a feeling that what we see is what we're gonna get as those 5 have been the most popular aromatherapy scents over the years. As for me, I would've loved to have seen a Lemon Zest (I used that shower gel in the summer), but eh, I'll manage. I'm too excited about Eucalyptus Tea!

So I dunno about y'all but I'm pretty excited about this. I'm sure newer folks to BBW won't be as excited or if they are, they're more excited over the newness factor. However, I think for as old "Slatkineers" this is kinda a big deal. For me, this collection is a little nostalgic; it was the aromatherapy body care and candles that brought me to BBW in the first place and kickstarted my obsession.

Once these are on sale, I WILL be stocking up!

I gotta say with this, and Wine and Cork candles, and all of the seemingly new scents for fall, BBW is starting to redeem themselves. Well effin done BBW!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. It's nice to see an good old-fashioned blog about candles and not just video which I also like, but there's just something about the written word …


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