WALK 'N' SNIFF: Late Arrivals

So Sunday afternoon I was in the City running errands and since I was a few streets away BBW, I wondered whether I should go and see if they finally had Cider Lane. However I was tired and it hot and muggy and about to rain and I really didn't feel like schlepping there for nothing. I called the store and asked if  they had any and sure enough they did. As soon as I hung up, I ran like Usain Blot to the store. And there they were....

Chocolate Pistachio - there must be something wrong with me and my sense of smell, cuz despite everybody and their grandma going absolutely batshit crazy over it, I am not feeling it at all! It's so generic and basic. Everyone has been describing it the same way and, to a certain degree, I agree - peanut M&Ms. You get a powdery malty cocoa note with a nuttiness I guess you could call pistachio. And it could be my nose playing tricks on me but I smelled a tiny hint of mint lurking in the background. Overall, it's just not as exciting as everyone is making it out to be; a scent like this should be rich and decadent and luxurious...it's not. It's slightly sweet and powdery to point of smelling ancient - to me it smells like crushed peanut M&M and Whoppers remnants at the bottom of a your grandma's purse,

NOTE: Some people are saying it's a repackage with a twist of Malted Pistachio Truffle while others say it's completely new. I've no clue as I have never smelled MPT and don't really want to. A few have even said that theirs smelled like Mint Mocha Bark.

Mahogany Apple - I almost bought the one lone one that the store had but decided not to. It's smells like straightup Mahogany Coconut with red apple and a hint of lavender...and it actually doesn't smell as bizarre as it sounds. My problem is because it smells so close to MC, I can't make myself perceive it as a fall scent, even with that hit of apple. I don't see the point of this candle's existence at all, totally unnecessary.

Autumn Sunshine - I already did a review so there's no use talking about it. Although I will say that every single person that I've talked to who has bought and burned this candle all say there is absolutely zero throw. That said, buy at your own risk!

Cranberry Woods - here's a review I wrote a long time ago from the last time it was in a collection. All I'll say about CW is, like a couple of other returning staples, it has been tweaked and it doesn't smell quite the same. I dunno if BBW is using low grade frangrance oils to cut costs or they're de-intesnifying scents to cater to basic bitches' delicate senseibilities but they need to stop. They've made CW so bright and sweet - it's like artificially flavored cranberry punch or concentrate with a pinch of cinnamon. The blend has lost it's darkness and crispness and outdoorsiness. Why BBW, WHY?!!!

Cider Lane - saving the best for last! There's no need to go into much depth about this scent cuz most should know or remember what it smells like. For those who haven't, the blend is pretty straightforward - red apple cider mulled with cinnamon and nutmeg with a creamy decadent brown sugar based caramel drizzle. Think Starbucks' Caramel Apple Spice   . And I don't know how they do it, but there's an outdoors element to the scent..it's like your drinking cider while walkin down the lane

NOTE: Many newbies have compared it to Warm Caramel Cider from '14...which is a repacakage with a twist of CL. The two are not quite the same, there is a noticeable difference...which I'll discuss in another post

So I ended exchanging two candles for 2 CLs and I bought another CL. I'm a very happy man!


  1. I finally got my hands on Cider Lane as well and I'm so glad it's as good as I remember! I love that you compared it to Starbucks caramel apple spice because that's exactly what I think of every time I smell it. And I agree on Chocolate Pistachio... I do like it, but I was expecting more richness. I get a store brand chocolate chip note where I was hoping for Ghirardelli.

    1. Same here, it's the best way to describe CL

      In my opinion, CP is a total wasted opportunity. I do not understand the hype at all

  2. CL smells like "Home" from a collection a couple years back. Not a fan :(

    1. Home is actually a repackage of an old scent from backintheday called Caramel Apple...which was everyone's go to Caramel Apple scent before Cider Lane. They're similar but definitely not the same


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