CANDLE RETROSPECTIVE: I say Cider Lane, you say Warm Caramel Cider

If I had a dollar for everytime so BBW newbie said something along the lines of...

"Cider Lane smells so's smells like Warm Caramel Cider..."


First of all my dears, Cider Lane came out FIRST! It made it's debut in 2012 and came back again in 2013. Warm Caramel Cider came out in 2014. If you're gonna make that comparison..flip it and reverse quote Missy Elliot!

So when CL first came out, I actually didn't like it. I was militantly anti-caramel scents at the time (although I did like Caramel Apple but it was more brown sugar glaze than caramel) so the fact that CL had a caramel note instantly turned me off. And there was something about the cold throw that just did not appeal to me at all. Now everyone and their grandma claimed that the warm throw was better than the cold throw but I had my doubts.

Then it came back the following year... and again, I just could not get past that cold throw. And I remember at one point during Winter SAS, I had it in my hand ready to but but ended up putting it back on the shelf..which I totally regret.

Then in 2014, we got Warm Caramel Cider and I decided to take the plunge. I found myself really enjoying which made me regret all the more turning my nose up at CL.

So you're probably wondering what is the difference between CL and WCC? Well I'll tell ya...

So I dunno how exactly they pulled it off, but CL had an outdoorsy element to it. I dunno if it's a wood note or a leaf note, but there's something about the scent that gives it an outdoors vibe, making it more conceptual rather than gourmand. That's probably why Slatkin decided to call it "Cider Lane" cuz "it's like you're drinking cider while walking down the lane" You also get the peel of the apple as the meat/pulp and juice which adds to the outdoorsiness.

WCC doesn't have that outdoors element - it's just straight up spiced cider and caramel; Cider Lane without the "lane" The blend is watered down and de-intensified with a bit more emphasis on the cider.

When it come out, I kinda preferred WCC over CL...or rather what I remembered of CL. But now, after finally having CL in my possession, my opinion has changed and I like CL more.

There's been a lot of hype concerning CL on social media...and I don't know if they hype is genuine and people truly LOVE this scent or are people hyping this candle strictly for the sake of hype and to be one of the cool kids. Whatever the case is, I hope BBW is paying attention and will continue to release CL is a fall staple like they used to.


  1. You are so right about the "lane" note being what sets CL apart. I am not really a fan of gooey caramel scents either, but my first experience with CL was in 2012 when I got it in home fragrance oil form (can we please get THOSE back, BBW?!)
    Since I didn't have a candle with a picture to influence me, just the little vial with the plain text label, I didn't even think of it as a caramel scent in the typical sense of homey, bakery basic-ism. It just took me away to a time when I was in Boston in a park on October drinking a hot caramel apple spice from Starbucks. So amazing and sooo much better than the usual cheapo Glade-type caramel.
    On a semi-related note, the day I bought that Cl oil was also the first time I bought Autumn Day, back when the wax was green. All I got was a little medium single wick and it was enough to fill my whole condo... Those were the days! At least I have my two fall faves back anyway.

  2. I should note that I live in AZ so any scent that makes it actually feel like fall is a huge win in my book. It's going to be 100 degrees or more for another month here, but I am lighting Autumn Day on September 1 anyway!

    1. I love Warm Caramel Cider and went to reorder today. I was so disappointed that it's not available. I my search for something similar, I found this post. Now I'm intrigued by Cedar Lane, but, again, it's not on the BBW site. Any other suggestions for something very close or insight on if/when either might be re-introduced? Thanks!

    2. Hi Debbie!

      Here's the thing..and please don't take this the wrong way buuuttt you've got get with it gurlfriend!

      BBW changes scents with the seasons, so seasonal scents disappear for the next upcoming season. And sometimes scents disappear completely never to return

      Case in point, Warm Caramel Cider hasn't been available for purchase since 2014

      As for Cider Lane, of course it's not gonna be online anymore cuz BBW is already in Christmas mode.

      Fall scents usually start trickling around July-August and starting disappearing end of October/beginning of November

      You gotta stay ahead ahead of the game. Check out the website more regularly to see what's there and what's not

      And if you're truly desperate for some Warm Caramel Cider or Cider Lane, you can check Ebay or Poshmark or download the Mercari app to see if anyone is selling them...but it won't be cheap


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