SHOP 'N' GO: BOGO Fall Haul

So as I said in my last post,I went to WB at GSP to take advantage of the BOGO sale. After sniffing around, I knew exactly what candles I wanted.

First I did 3 exchanges...

  • Indigo Sky for Autumn
  • Cashmere & Oak for Sweater Weather
  • Pumpkin Banana Muffin for Sparkling Pear Riesling

After that I bought...
  • Leaves 2x (of course)
  • Autumn Day 2x
And of course, I used a 10off30 coupon so it came out to $35

I was really hoping to buy 2 Cider Lanes and 2 Cranberry Woods but alas WB didn't have neither. Apparently they didn't want spending more money...I'm okay with that!  those two come out, I'm good on candles until the holiday candle time or if there is anything good Halloween or Thanksgiving collection

Enjoy my Youtube vid of my BOGO adventure...


  1. I read that this version of Sweater Weather didn't have the throw of last year's, and that some other fall scents likewise. Do you think there is a "curing time" before one burns the candles to maximize the throw?

    1. Every Sweater Weather has been lighter than the last, none has been as strong as 2013's

      As far as I know, there's no curing time; unfortunately what you see is what you get


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