WALK 'N' SNIFF: Beach House/Beach Glow Collection *UPDATED*

Finally, finally, at long last...NEWNESS!!!

So I've been having a really rough couple of days (I had to go back to NOLA due to a death in the family) and have been feeling emotionally drained. Today in order to lift my spirits, I decided to have a treat yo'self day and one of my treats was to a visit to BBW in the City to sniff some newness. Without further ado, let's rap a taste about this collection.

Let's start with the sparkly ones; I won't waste my time or yours talking about Endless Weekend, Black Sands and Pineapple Mango

Seaside Gardenia - this is straightup Rainforest Gardenia...yawn

Sunny Coconut - as y'all know, I loathe coconut scents and I initially had no intention on taking this particular coconut scent seriously. But after sniffing it, I found myself genuinely surprised - it's not half bad. Pretty much everyone has described it the same way and I agree - it smells like a orange creamsicle. You get a sweet borderline artificial generic Sicilian Orange/ Sweet Clementine-esque orange note, not very tangy or juicy. Then you get a very subtle coconut milk note that adds to the creaminess. There's also a strange unexplained nose tickling effervescence that travels up your nose last. To me this smells like Orange Julius from back in the day with a splash of orange Crush soda. Personally I think this candle is sorta misplaced in this collection; because it smells so much like a dessert/beverage, it should've been in the upcoming Poptails-esque collection replacing Mango Coconut Cooler

Sparkling Waves - this was the candle I was the most intrigued with as I love fresh/aquatic/oceanic scents. Based on the notes and what other people were saying about it, I thought for sure that it would be a repackage of Beach Day from the Coastal Cool collection..it's not! This scent is tricky because it smells familiar but I'm pretty sure this is relatively new scent. It does have a fresh sea spray/ocean waves vibe to it; you get the same Oceanside-esque cucumber/melon combo mimicking salty seawater. The citrus notes in this blend is in-friggin-tense, you immediately get an uppercut of various zesty citrusiness. The notes mention bergamot...meh, just a skoosh. What I mainly got was lemon peel and verbena. And there's an unexplained unmentioned lime note lurking in the background that sneaks up you. I think the reason this smells so familiar yet is so hard to pinpoint is because it kinda smells like a hodgepodge of other scents - take the melon and cucumber from Oceanside, mix in a splash of Verbena Waters, another teeny tiny splash of Bergamot Waters, a hint of Lemon Verbena and a dash of Lime Granita Margarita and that's essentially SW. I like it, I'm not blown away but I like it. It's certainly the best ocean scent we've had this year.

And now the weird swirly ribbed for your pleasure candles. I'm gonna omit Tiki Beach and Beach Cabana

South Beach ~ Suntan - so this is NOT the same Suntan we saw last summer in the "there once was a man from Nantucket" collection which was actually a repackage of Beachside from 2009 or 2010. This go-round, BBW brought back the original Suntan from 2012, later renamed Poolside..which was insanely popular backintheday. You're probably wondering what is the difference? Well I'll tell you...

The Beachside version of Suntan had a more powdery, floral, perfumey vibe to it. It smelled like a tanning spray a mature matron would wear while on the beach

The Poolside version of Suntan is more creamy and lush and very heavy on the coconut and citrus. And it LEGIT smells like actual suntan lotion, like they poured Coppertone into the tumbler glass and called it a day

 Caribbean ~ Driftwood Surf - So apparently this is a repackage of failed test scent Island Hideaway; I've never seen or smelled it so I can't verify though that said I do smell the notes from IH in this candle - pear, vanilla and amber. There is a sweet fresh juicy fruit note that could very well be pear. I don't get coconut at all, thank good. And there is a smooth rich, creamy aromatherapy-ish vanilla bean note as well. And the driftwood...Driftwood is one of those fake fragrances that's a blend of different notes. For "driftwood", those notes usually consist of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli, amber and some citrus. And I get all of those in this candle. I would definitely categorize this as a mandle - think summer/beach themed cheap men's deodorant or body spray

Riviera Maya ~ Plumeria Petals - straightup repackaged of the recent Vanilla Beach Flower albeit slightly more intense

Malibu ~  Citrus Glow - Tinadivalicious mentioned this in a recent vid and when he said what it was a repackage of, I refused to believe it cuz it's so random and nonsensical. However after sniffing it, he was absolutely correct - it's friggin Peach Bellini! I..just..CAN'T!!!


  1. I think your right on with the sparkling waves. It's familiar but hard to place and the combo of this and that makes perfect sense. I'm not mad about the change of Suntan from test although I do enjoy beachside I've been missing poolside. That Malibu has everyone in a mess. I get the peach Bellini with a heavy orange while others said coastal sun and I've heard southbeach sun(?) too. There is definitely an unmistakable peach IMO. Great to read your review as always. See.. I'm not crazy for liking sunny coconut.

    1. LOL No you're not crazy. I'm not a huge a fan of it all but I can see why/how it would be popular.

      As for Malibu, whoever said Coastal Sun or South Beach Sun are straight trippin...that said those would've been beter repackage candidates for this scent than friggin Peach Bellini

  2. The Malibu smells exactly like the orange fanta soda to me... a little sweeter and "bubblier" than peach bellini... but yes, quite similar.


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